Be My Valentine        [Part 2 of My Valentine's Day Trilogy]

It's Chrome Dome Mike in a groovy shade of Elphba green.


Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A relyric of the song ďDefying GravityĒ by Stephen Schwartz, from the Broadway play ďWickedĒ.


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.




Each year in February,


After the Super Bowl.


All my thoughts turn to girls and such.


Itís way past my control.



How Ďbout  that babe in shipping?


With cool tats of angels wings.


Sheíll think I must be tripping


When I smile and singÖ



Yo, I want you


To be my valentine.


The thing to do


Is be my valentine.


Oh, please donít turn me down!



I know that workplace dating


Has pitfalls, I donít care.


Cause this job really sucks


And chicks like her are truly rare.



Why am I so enamored?


Cause sheís sweet, as red heads go.


When she says yes,


Iíll buy her Chocolates, and a Rose.



And some Chablis.


Just for my Valentine.


She must agree


To be my valentine.


What if she turns me down?!?





Thank God that sheís approachable.


If she wasnít Iíd stay home.


Gaming on my Xbox One.


They say,


Iím a little crazy.


But hey,


Her name is Daisy.


And she seems like so much fun!



Thatís why I asked


Sheíd be my valentine.


This might be fast


But be my valentine.


And she just shot me down!



**** The next section is taken from this incredible live version of the play ****



She wants nothing to do with me!


Whoís the one she wants!?!




From I. T.?!?


What's wrong with me?!?!?!?!?



*******  Now, back to the studio version  *******



Why am I such a pansy?


Blind by this love I feel?!?


Iím glad my friends canít hear me.


Get a grip!  This ainít a major




No, she canít make me jealous.


Because Iím made of stone.


But not so much when


Iím in bed and all alone.



Thatís why I need


Her to be my valentine.


She must take heed


And be my valentine.


Thereís still a chance she might be mine.



A romantic, I might not be.


But no nerd working in I. T.


Can keep true love from me


And myÖ




Time for a Tarzan yodel...





NOTE:  I do not own the lyrics or the music to the song Defying Gravity, but when I hear Stephanie J. Block singing as the green goth goddess Elphaba, the younger Wicked Witch of the West of the Wizard of OZ fame, I surely wish I had written it.  When she belts out that 2nd "It's Me!", SJB starts taking the role of Elphaba to it's summit.


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