Spring has sprung!  Things have never been better where peripherals are concerned.  Fact is, the following printers, displays, modems, and software offer powerful capabilities at a price far below what you'd have paid just a few short months ago....


GIMME THAT FILE, ya knucklehead!

Sharing your IBM S/3x/400 data is demanding more attention these days.  As users become more familiar with power PC based spreadsheets and relational data bases, MIS is under pressure to provide files in a PC format.  No sweat with Micro Integration's Monarch and Get Report software, which simplifies your file transfer chores, all at a very reasonable cost.....and the time when Monarch pays for itself quickest is during a migration from the S/36 to a LAN or UNIX based system, such as the RS6000.



The IBM/Lexmark line of matrix printers puts the power of 7 resident barcodes in a printer which is rated by the manufacturer to hammer through 6 part forms.  Included are UPC-A, Code 39, Code 128, and even POSTNET barcodes, and the tractors can be positioned either above the print line (better for unattended operation) or below the print line (better for use with the 'tear bar').  The 2 year warranty is icing on the cake, so call to receive a print sample and brochure.



Disbelief abounds!  Users everywhere are dumbfounded at the notion that for less than $300 I can provide dial-in compatibility with IBM's costly 7855-010,  a lifetime warranty, support for 57,600bps asynch. throughput, 14,400bps synchronous operation, fax handling to 14,400bps, and your PC can still handle 5250 Remote Emulation off of COM1 or COM2 without the need for an "SDLC" card.   How can this be?  If you are serious about communications, call me and let's discuss whether these "IBM beaters" are right for you.


"DEMO"lition MAN

The easiest way to sell a product as absolutely perfect as Sherwood Digital Electronics' new I-O 2677c is to let my users evaluate it for a few days.  With just a couple days use you'll appreciate features like a high quality 14" color screen, low radiation output, 3 display sessions, a printer port, power saver mode, a 3 year limited warranty - all for less than $700!  Your terminal users won't have to envy your PC users anymore....call to arrange your free evaluation, even if you just need a loaner while a monitor is being repaired.