EMM386.EXE is DOS's program which allows you to load smaller programs "high," thereby freeing more conventional memory for larger application programs.  Problem is, using EMM386.EXE cuts the numeric performance by 50% in all 386dx, 386sx, and 486sx based PC's.    The solution:  add a math coprocessor chip to your PC, or upgrade to a 486dx CPU, which has built in math coprocessor circuitry.  The math coprocessor should increase numeric performance 8 to 12 fold, and the cost is less than $70 on the 386 based PC's, while the 486 mathco chip will set you back at least $200. 



While many DP managers enjoy spending a good part of their weekend installing a disk or emulation card on a PC, others prefer to bring in an expert to handle the job, freeing them for more important duties.  This holds true in spades where memory management and modems are concerned, where true expertise is harder to come by.  Give me a call and get a bid on your next "grunt" job, even if you have already purchased the hardware elsewhere.



If your are taking bids on the recabling of your site, be sure to give me a call.  Bad cabling choices today can cost you big bucks later.



Looking to tie PC's together for the benefits of networking, or simply to offer 5250 emulation to those PC's?  A single on-site visit allows me to quickly present solutions which will fill needs which you may not even know that you have.


I'd like to thank the following 1994 customers:

            United Medical Supply

            The Container Store

            Willbanks Metals

            Southwestern Carriers

            American Excelsior

            Expeditors International

            Eagle USA Air Freight

            Medical & Surgical Clinic

            Wynns Climate Systems


            Texas Cold Storage

            Amber's Stores

            First National Bank-Van Alstyne

            EDM of Texas

            Eklund's, Inc.

            Wall & Interiors by Gilllene

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