July's newsletter never happened, as the process of moving my home/office ate up too much time.  I have taken the liberty to include a crude business card at the bottom of this column.  It contains the updated address and phone numbers, but no cute little clip art images.  My non-use of clip art has been a major source of criticism by the Desk Top Publishing gurus who have reviewed my newsletters, to which I reply: "Did Shakespeare or Hemingway use clip art?"

Call me with your hardware needs.....Mike Kimbro



Consider this one:  The AS/400 proposal to a non-IBM shop will always include COLOR displays, while a similar proposal to an IBM account will usually include mono CRT's.  Is this true discrimination, or do the IBM Partners who assemble these proposals feel that the simple  IBM users wouldn't know what to do with a color terminal if they had one?  Many users ask for PC's because they feel that's the only way they can get a color terminal.  How wrong they are, when for less than $700 they can have a new color CRT with 0.28mm dot pitch screen, 4 sessions and a printer port, all backed by a 3 year warranty.

MONOCHROME IS DEAD, and if you doubt it at all I recommend that you walk down the hall and notify your firmís Controller or VP of Finance that you are interested in swapping out his or her  color monitor for a nice monochrome VGA unit!  They'd sooner trade in their Lexus for a Hyundai.  If you still have doubts, I'll be happy to get a color demo out for your evaluation and illumination.



Have an old line printer?

Paying too much for printer maintenance?

Using more that 2 different forms daily?

Need another 486 PC with emulation?

If you answered yes to two or more or these questions, then call me for a solution which will replace that old clunker with new equipment, and can pay for itself in less than 2 years.





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