Obviously no, some things shouldn't be rented, but I do have a great rental program for users who need to rent a PC or Printer by the week, month, or longer.  I even offer a daily rate to firms who have already done business with me.  I have 5250 Emulation cards available for rent, while most PC rental firms don't even know what a 5250 card is.  Please pass this information on to your accounting department, where PC rentals decisions are often made.



Exhibit #1:  The new AS/400 models are providing 20-40% more power.

Exhibit #2:  Everyone wants to protect their data (and their jobs) but the majority still can't justify disk mirroring or RAID 5.

The crime here is that many consultants are choosing not to inform new prospects that Journaling/Check Sum are even available on the AS/400.  If the new model which you are considering has 30% more CPU power, it's easy to justify allocating half of that increase to protecting your data, and we all know that adding 25-30% more disk is no longer a major cost consideration.  You don't need to lose all the data changes since your last backup.



I don't code software, and I don't plan to get into that aspect of the business, but I've noticed an increasing number of firms are representing themselves as both software consulting firms and headhunters.  It seems that the conflicts of interest here could be awesome.  Think about it, you receive a call from their software services sales person, and you tell him that you already have good MIS people, so you probably won't need their consulting services.  This identifies your firms people as prime prospects for their headhunter, who finds employment elsewhere for your MIS people, so your firm now needs either their software consulting services or their headhunting services or both!  Talk about being able to create demand for your product!



I get more calls from poor souls who have just upgraded their PC to DOS 6.2x, only to find that a couple programs no longer work.  Many times the problem is that the program is designed to work with a certain older version of DOS, but not with the new DOS versions 6.21 or 6.22.  The fix in this case involves tricking the program into thinking that it is working with the older DOS version.  SETVER is a database of program names with the version of DOS they work with.  Simply add the afflicted program to the list and get to work!  Call me should you have questions.