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James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers

Be Natural  from This is My Truth Tell Me Yours

Black Dog On My Shoulder

Born A Girl

David Gavurin of The Sundays

Joy   from Blind

Skin and Bones

Drayfus Grayson of The Brothers Dimm

I've Changed My Mind  from their CD To Oblivion

The Mystery Of The Vanishing Twirler


Guardian Angel

Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead

Let Down  from the album OK Computer

Larry Chaney with Edwin McCain

See Off This Mountain  from Messenger

Beautiful Life

The Edge of U2

With Or Without You  from The Joshua Tree

David Gilmore of Pink Floyd

What Do You Want From Me from The Division Bell

Jerry McPherson with Sierra

Broken Things  from Story of Life

Russ Freeman of The Rippingtons

Boys of Summer  from Drive

Phil X of Daughtry

Home  from the album Daughtry

Michael Schenker of UFO

Doctor, Doctor  from the album Phenomenon

Peter Koppes or Marty Willson-Piper of The Church

Under The Milky Way  from the CD Starfish

Robert Quine  backing Matthew Sweet

The Ugly Truth from Matthew's CD Altered Beast

Life Without You with Ivan Julian

What Do You Know  with Greg Leisz

Reaching Out  with Nicky Hopkins on piano

Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics

Beautiful Child  from the album Peace

Jim Babjak of The Smithereens

I Don't Want To Lose You  from the album Especially For You

Crazy Mixed-Up Kid

Dave Crosby & Jim McGuinn of The Byrds

Samples from Mr. Tambourine Man  A, B, C, D

Adam Seymour of The Pretenders

I'm Not In Love (Intro & Chorus) from the Indecent Proposal Soundtrack

Bryan Potvin & Merl Bryck of The Northern Pikes

Love These Hands Intro & Bridge

Girl With A Problem from Snow In June

Thomas Laufengerg of The Pistoleros

My Guardian Angel from the CD Hang On To Nothing

James Eadie of Into Paradise

I'm Still Waiting  from the CD Churchtown

Tears In Your Eyes

Rob Buck of 10,000 Maniacs

Rainy Day  from the CD Love In The Ruins

Eden from their album Our Time in Eden

Chris Traynor with Gavin Rossdale


Robbie MacArthur and Trevor Anderson of The High Dials

Book Of The Dead 

Teeage Love Made Me Insame 

??? with David Cook



News Flash:

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Ad for the JangleBox Compression / Sustain guitar effects pedal, copied from the October 2008 issue of Premier Guitar magazine.