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Rodney Browning of Dishwalla The Codetalkers with Bobby Lee Rodgers on guitar.  Note the Leslie Speaker cabinet at top right.

Give  from Pet Your Friends

Bobby Lee Rodgers and The Codetalkers >>>>

samplesJustice#2#3, & #4

Webb Wilder  

Run With It  from his CD Doo Dad

Sittin' Pretty  with Kenny Greenberg

Everyday I Kicked Myself  with Donny Roberts

Robert McEntee of Austin, TX

It Wakes Me Up from Coin of The Realm

On A Hill from Looking for a Good Sign

Leslie Sim Noodling by RM

Lonnie Mack  with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Hound Dog Man (IntroOutro ) from Strike Like Lightning

Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons or Jeff Skunk Baxter

Another Park Another Sunday (VerseClose ) by The Doobie Brothers

Roy Rogers

Bitter Rain from the 2009 CD Split Decision

Pete Ham or Joey Molland of Badfinger

No Matter What from the album Magic Christian Music

Image of the Lex Rotary effects pedal by Strymon is a fine leslie speaker pedal.



For an even more eye opening taste of Leslie Speaker goodness, give a listen to this demo.  The Lex Rotary by Strymon is a cool Leslie Speaker simulator pedal, and close study of this audio sample collection is truly the express lane to expanded rotary consciousness.




J.T. Corenflos - Nashville Session Guitarist

Someone Special with Richard Marx

Chris Duarte of Atlanta, GA


Tailspin Headwhack

Miles Zuniga of the Austin band Fastball

Sooner Or Later  from All The Pain Money Can Buy

Leslie speaker diagram courtesy of Strymon.

George Harrison

Let It Be with The Beatles

It Don't Come Easy with Ringo Starr

Caleb Quaye with Bill Quateman

Wait Until Tomorrow samples #1#2

Shot in the Dark

Pelle Jernryd of The Hardliners

All Of Her Life

Andy Timmons

Resolution  from Resolution

Homeless and It's a Shame from the CD Orange Swirl

Ready For Love  from Leah Marr's CD Truth

Jon Spencer of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

 History of Lies

Peter Frampton

Do You Feel Like We Do  1975   1999

Black Hole Sun from his Fingerprints CD

Rob Roth of the Georgia band Soulhound



This demo best shows the Leslie's defining control, the ability to ramp the speed up and down, using a Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble (rotary sound processor).  Then click here for a revealing video demo from Boss US.





Mick Ralphs or Dave "Bucket" Colwell of Bad Company

Simple Man from the 1996 album Stories Told and Untold

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Couldn't Stand The Weather

The Things I Used To Do

Slip Slidin' Slim from Soul To Soul

Willie the Wimp  (bridge & close) from the 1986 album Live Alive

Landis Armstrong of Austin, Texas USA

Here I Am Again with The Paula Nelson Band (via a Texas Longhorn orange MXR Phase 90)

Lolly Vegas of Redbone


Leslie Speaker Cabinet model 145, one of most popular rotary speakers ever.

Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule

Debut Album Samples #1, #2, #3, & #4

Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy - Part 2

Larry Carlton with Joni Mitchell

Same Situation  from Court and Spark

Jimmy Stafford of Train

She's On Fire  from Drops of Jupiter

Jon Tiven with Wilson Pickett

Outskirts of Town  from It's Harder Now

Joe Perry of the rock band Aerosmith

What It Takes


Buck McKinney of Gnappy

Grease Don't Freeze  from Unloaded


Rice Funk  from their 2003 CD Is This A Machine?

From Neo Instruments, the Ventilator rotary speaker simulator effects pedal, used a create the Leslie Speaker sound for both organs and guitars, details at


The Ventilator by Neo Instruments has been proclaimed to be "Best Rotary Stompbox Yet" when tested in the May 2010 issue of Keyboard magazine.  Reading further..."It's clearly the new king of standalone electronic rotary simulators."   Here's a couple guitar oriented demos (#1 and #2) for your enjoyment.


Chan Kinchla of Blues Traveler

Carolina Blues  from the CD Straight On Till Morning

Michael Landau

Hands in Your Pocket:  Intro   Solo  with Richard Marx

World of Love:   Solo  with Belinda Carlisle

Morgan McCoy of Atlanta, GA

Van Maan's Star through a Leslie Model 142 cabinet

Ron Wood of The Faces

Memphis Tennessee the longest leslie guitar solo?

Shane McConnell with singer-songwriter Lynne Timmes-Carlock

Apologetic from Lynne's CD Human

Matt Roberts &/or Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down

Kryptonite from the album The Better Life

It's The Only One You've Got from the CD 3 Doors Down

Carolyn Wonderland from her Miss Understood CD

I Found The Lions  voice effect in the bridge

Paul McCartney solo career pre-Wings

Maybe I'm Amazed  from the self titled McCartney album


Image of the Roto Choir by Tech 21 NYC, a rotary speaker pedal




The Roto Choir by Tech 21 NYC is a pretty complete package, with a unique single amp/bi-amped switch for Uni-Vibe/Leslie versatility, and it's priced for the masses.

Samples: Driven  & Clean




Kenny Rogers and The First Edition

Just Dropped In  vocal treatment of the lyrics: "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah"

Don Felder of The Eagles

Hotel California  12-string guitar through a Leslie Cabinet

James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers

The Everlasting  from This is My Truth Tell Me Yours

Jack Bruce of Cream

As You Said  from Wheels of Fire select vocal treatments

Martin Carr of The Boo Radleys

Let Me Be Your Faith

Doug Sahm of Sir Doug & The Texas Tornados

I Love The Way You Love

Float Away

David Cook formerly of American Idol

Light On Ad piece of the Fender Super Showman Amp Head with 2 4x12 cabinets which together form mightyThe Power Tower.

Mark Boon  of  Diesel

from Angelarhythm & lead

Hitchcock's Lullaby  with The Hammer -effect via the Dimension IV feature of the Fender Super Showman amp head >>>>>>

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones

Let It Loose from Exile on Main Street

Kim Thayil of Soundgarden

Black Hole Sun 

Adam Seymour of The Katydids

Stop Start

Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin

So Cold from We Are Not Alone

Kenny Greenberg

Greasy Money

Daughter of Grace  backing Twila Paris, with guitarist Jerry McPherson



The Rocky Road DJ-20 by Danelectro is a cost effective rotary speaker simulator, and judging by the You Tube demo videos, it's a lot of mono analog rotary sounding sweetness for the money.  Find them on Craigs List for $60.





Davey Johnstone of Elton John's Band

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Cold  from his 1995 album Made in England, gotta listen closely

Where To Now St. Peter?...that might be a Wah-Leslie combination?

Zeb Italian guitarist of the band The Indians

Caught A Rainbow  from the CD Indianism 

Orianthi formerly of Michael Jackson's Ensemble

Untogether from her CD Believe


Jerry Raney of the San Diego, California band GLORY (whole article)

[Jack] Butler remembers the thrill of playing before such a large crowd. “We came on in total darkness,” he says. “I will never forget Jerry’s guitar intro to the first song, played thru a Leslie rotating speaker and blaring off the walls, echoing like mad — one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard.”


Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne

Someone To Love from Traffic & Weather

Eric Bazilian on leslie guitar (that's what it says in the credits below!)

Ladder (intro & bridgewith Joan Osborne from her album Relish

Pic of a portion of the musicians credits for the album Relish by Joan Osborne, featuring the song Ladder, including Eric Bazilian, Bassist Mark Egan, Rob Hyman, Andy Kravitz, Sammy Merendino, and William Wittman.

Marc Ribot 

Stuck  from Norah Jones album The Fall

When We Were Young and We Were Freaks with Ceramic Dog

Jon Herington, Wayne Krantz, Hugh McCracken or Ken Emerson

What I Do from Donald Fagen's Grammy winning Morph The Cat album





Now, for a test of the rotory speaker oriented Line 6 Roto-Machine, check out this video, and pedal steel guitarists might like to check out these samples where the Roto-Machine is employed by Greg Cutshaw: #1#2.







Jerry McPherson & George Cocchini

I Will from worship artist Drew Cline's CD Way of Life

My Idols from the Tears Will End album by Charity (more likely it's a phaser pedal)

Manny Charlton of NazarethPhoto of 1965 Leslie Speaker with guitar courtesy of

Love Hurts from the album Hair of the Dog

Ammo the guitarist of Birdbrain

Grey from Let's Play Nice

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Call Me The Breeze

Michael Schenker of UFO

Love to Love from Lights Out

Steve Katz of Blood, Sweat & Tears

You Made Me So Very Happy

John Scofield from the CD Piety Street

Something's Got A Hold On Me it's leslie on the rhythm guitar work

Roger Hodgson of Supertramp

Give A Little Bit

Goodbye Stranger

Al Anderson, Larry Byrom, or Dan Dugmore with Brother Phelps

Lookout Mountain from the CD Brother Phelps

The Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere, featuring an internal tube for a more accurate overdrive grind.



Next, the handsome Hughes and Kettner Tube Rotosphere Leslie Emulator is an object of desire for many guitarists ***, not least for it's pure analog Leslie tone.  Clickhere for a sound sample from the mighty H & K, and a here's a very interesting review which also covers speaker positioning theory applicable to any stereo rotary speaker setup. 



Ron Kingery of Hometown News

Minivan  rhythm guitar from the Wheels album

John Jorgenson of The Desert Rose Band

She Don't Love Nobody  from the 1988 album Running

Henry Garza of the band Los Lonely Boys

Forgiven  from the CD of the same name

Dave Bryson of Counting Crows

Accidentally In Love  from the Shrek 2 Soundtrack

Joe Walsh of Barnstorm and James Gang

Mother Says


The Bomber



The Option 5 Destination Rotation Single Vibe Pedal by Option 5 also offers incredible rotary speaker simulation.  Check out this Pro Guitar Shop demo video which is so well done that Stevie Ray Vaughan would be proud.





Debra of DEVI from their CD Get Free

Welcome To The Boneyard:  Intro  Bridge

Eric Clapton with Derek and the Dominos

Souped-up Leslie (click here for the complete "Sound on Sound" article)


"Something that was unique to the 'Layla' sessions was our Fender guitar Leslie. Eric was enamored with it and we used it a lot," says Ron Albert.
"We had a great big Variac speed control on it," adds Howard, "so we could actually change how fast it went."
Ron: "The way that Leslie was designed, it had two foot pedals. One enabled you to switch the cabinet on or off so that it was just guitar amp or guitar amp and Leslie amp, and the other pedal was the rotor on or off, making it spin or not. By clicking it on and off you could change the intensity or shut it down. However, that wasn't quite good enough for us, so we came up with this ability to control the speed on a constant basis with this big Variac that probably weighed about 30lbs. It controlled the voltage to the motor, so we could have it running at half-speed or any speed we wanted, and that was unique as up until then it couldn't be controlled. Howard being a B3 player, he was familiar with the slow spin of the B3 Leslie and turning it on and off with the left hand, making it spin and stop, spin and stop. Well, we tried to create that within the guitar sound by having it at a speed that was not too fast or slow, and therefore using the pedal to turn it on and off would produce the same kind of start and stop effect. Eric loved that."
Both the Fender Guitar Leslie and the Hammond B3 now reside in the Audio Vision Recording Studios facility that Ron and Howard co-own with partner Steve Alaimo in North Miami.


Jimi Hendrix of The Jimmy Hendrix Experience

Ships Passing Through The Night from Valleys of Neptune

Little Wing

Gene Black or David Frederic with Tiffany 

I Will Not Breakdown from her CD The Color of Silence

Steve Caton with Tori Amos

Spark from Tori's CD "From The Choirgirls Hotel"


Many feel that one fine Rotary Speaker Simulation pedal is the DLS Effects RotoSIMM.




Mike Einziger of Incubus

Drive  from Make Yourself  (not sure which effect that is)

Freddie Love of The Triple T Band

Funk It  by aka The Texas Tittie Twisters

Robert Cray of The Robert Cray Band

All The Way  from Take Your Shoes Off

John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Wet Sand  from Stadium Arcadium

Jeff Trott of Sheryl Crow's band

Riverwide from The Globe Sessions

Maybe That's Somthing

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

The Wanton Song

Good Times Bad Times

Rob Buck or John Lombardo of 10,000 Maniacs

All That Never Happens  from the CD Love in the Ruins

Don Preston or Joey Cooper with Leon Russell

Tight Rope  from the album Carney Motion Sound SRV-212 rotary speaker modelled after Stevie Ray Vaughan's style of blues.

Pauly Fuemana of OMC

On The Run  from How Bizarre

Randall Thompson

Catholics with Leslie Speaker

Johnny Marr of The Smiths

How Soon is Now  (Tremolo ?)

Glen Phillips or Todd Nichols of Toad The Wet Sprocket

All I Want Is To Feel This Way  from the CD Fear

Leroy Powell of Shooter Jennings and The .357's

Gone To Carolina  from the CD Live at Irving Plaza 4.18.06

Carl Wilson or Al Jardine of The Beach Boys (or Barney Kessel of The Wrecking Crew)

Pet Sounds

Michael Lockwood with Light Bachwood Movement

C.I.A.  from the album A Symphony for Static Relationships

Dean Parks or Larry Carlton with Joan Baez

Winds of The Old Days  from Joan's album Diamonds & Rust

Brian Welch & James Shaffer of KoRn

Cameltosis from their album Follow The Leader



And this video provides way more than just a taste of another fine rotary speaker simulator, the Korg G4.




Kurt Swinghammer with Dan Bryk & Greta Gertler

Horizons from Bryk's album Pop Psychology

Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

You Don't Know What It's Like samples #1#2 from Wildflowers

Rowboat done while backing Johnny Cash in 1996 on Unchained CD

Walls #3  from the "She's The One" Motion Picture Soundtrack

Robert Quine with Lloyd Cole

Sweetheart  from Lloyd's self titled debut album

Brian Ward or Jud Ruhl of The Gandharvas

Milk Ocean from Sold for a Smile

Richard Thompson

Backlash Love Affair from Rumor and Sigh

Grey in LA  from the Knocked Up Soundtrack with Loudon Wainwright III (Tremolo?)

Daniel Johns of Silverchair

Abuse Me samples Intro & Close from Freakshow

Val McCallum with Joan Osborne

Righteous Love

Bernard Butler with Duffy

Syrup and HoneyFrom the article "100 Greatest Solos of All Time" in Guitar World's Sept 1998 issue, at #42 is "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with Eric Clapton on electric guitar instead of John Lennon.

I'm Scared


Eric Clapton with The Beatles >>>>>>

While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Bill Brown with Jerome Mayne

Where Are You Now

Micah Wilshire of Wilshire

Over My Head

Hear The Sound

Billy Duffy of The Cult

Fire Woman  from the album Sonic Temple

Steven Page or Ed Thompson of Barenaked Ladies

Falling For The First Time from Maroon ( a phazer pedal? )

Steve Bolton with Paul Young

Every Time You Go Away rhythm work behind electric sitar

Jason Wade or Stuart Mathis of Lighthouse

Breathing from the 2000 album No Name Face

Save As

Amongst the Leslie faithful, the only area of really heated disagreement concerns which speaker arrangement is best for a live setting, whether the rotary speaker sound is at it's best live in mono or stereo.  The Digitech RPM-1 is a rack mounted tube pre-amp and rotary speaker emulator with one exclusive feature:

THREE OUTPUTS:  right, left, and center

which provides the ability to address this concern to everyone's satisfaction.

The Digitech RPM-1 rack mount tube pre-amp and rotary speaker emulator with 3 button footswitch.

Ricky Hirsch guitarist of Wet Willie

Dixie Rock from Wet Willie's Greatest Hits

Justin Stanley with Sheryl Crow and Doyle Bramhall II

Sideways  from the album 100 Miles From Memphis

Richard Bredice with Ryan Strassburg

Jacob, Climb Your Ladder from Ryan's CD Child of Kentucky

Frank Hannon or Tommy Skeoch of Tesla

Thank You (Intro and Outro) their cover of the Led Zep song

Jamie Coan of From Good Homes

The Giving Tree 

Tim Pierce or Mike Landau with Schascle Huygens

Too Many People from her album Haunted by Real Life

Review of the Voce Spin II Rotary Speaker Simulator from Guitar World magazine February 2000 issue, Voce Spin 2 leslie speaker emulator




At right is a Guitar World review of the Voce Spin II Rotary Speaker Simulator:










Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots

Army Ants  (actually it's a leslie and phase shifter together)

Mac Aladdin with Tori Amos

Angels from Tori's album Tales Of A Librarian  CHORUS?

Josh Steely, Brian Craddock or Phil X of Daughtry

Gone from the CD Daughtery

Open Up Your Eyes from the album Leave This Town

Micko Larkin or Courtney Love of Hole

Someone Else's Bed from Hole's 2010 album Nobody's Daughter


Alan Morse of prog-rock band Spock's Beard

Major Buzz  from Alan's solo CD Four O'Clock & Hysteria

Will Ray, Jerry Donahue or John Jorgenson of The Hellecasters

Le Journée des Tziganes from Escape from Hollywood

Gene Black, David Frederic, or Cisco DeLuna with Tiffany

I Will Not Breakdown  from Tiffany's 2000 album The Color of Silence (ok, maybe phaser)

Rich Parfitt or Francis Rossi of Status Quo

Whatever You Want  from the album Whatever You Want

Andrew Copeland or Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel

Concede  from ...somewhere more familiar (  ok, probably phaser )

Joel Shearer, John Shanks, Jason Orme or David Levita

Everything  from alternative rock goddess Alanis Morissette's CD So-Called Chaos

Joe or Tim of Love HuskiesSample of article from January 1997 issue of Guitar World magazine where Ritchie Fliegle discusses the history and theory behind the echo effect, the reverb effect, and the use of the leslie Speaker with the guitar.  Fliegle is the author of The Complete Guide to Guitar and Amp Maintenance.


Hank Linderman

Whispering  off America's CD Human Nature

??? with Brooks & Dunn

Tequila (from Cowboy Town)

??? with Kelly Slattery

Stuck On You (phaser, maybe?)

??? with Jack Ingram

Biloxi (Live Version) from Hey You

??? with Kelly Clarkson (I'm guessing here)

My Favorite Mistake cover of Sheryl song

??? of Mexico's Grupo Imposible Musical

Si Yo Fuera Tu Amor (Live Version)

??? with Paula Nelson

Black Cat from her album Coming Home

??? with the Christian vocal trio Zoegirl

About You from Room to Breathe

??? with Taylor Swift

You Belong With Me      Leslie or Univibe ?

??? with Seal

Out Of The Window from Indecent Proposal Soundtrack

Pat Travers of The Pat Travers Band

Dinasour Rock Guitar states that Pat achieved his tone by splitting his guitar's signal and running one side through a Marshall stack and the other side through a Leslie Speaker...all the time. This is made easier by the fact that Pat also played the Hammond Organ.

Robin Trower

Lady Love  from Bridge of Sighs

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd with the Yamaha PR 200 R

Wearing The Inside Out  from The Division Bell

Comfortably Numb (cover) also using the Yamaha PR 200 R

Jim Pederick of Ides of March, Survivor, & Pride of Lions

videos demoing the Leslie for Guitar models G37 & G27 (below):  electric   acoustic-electric

Behold, the Leslie for Guitar models G37 & G27 !

Next let's examine the Dunlop Uni-Vibe pedal, a phaser based rotary simulator which has achieved such fame that's it's actually in a category of it's own.  While it's poor high speed quality eliminates the need for a slow/fast switch, the Uni-Vibe pedal still has it's own set of clones, such as the Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe and the following univibe pedals as well:


Another Univibe clone, the Effectrode Audiophile Tube Vibe Pedal for guitars.



This demonstration video by really shows off the incredible tone of this Univibe pedal clone, the Effectrode Audiophile Tube Vibe Pedal which benefits from three tubes.



Hey, it's the Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe guitar pedal, a nice clone of the original uni-vibe effects pedal.



The Cool Cat Vibe is another incredible value from Danelectro, I know cause I used to own one.  Click the button, and this uni-vibe clone benefits from a Leslie like ramp up to full speed.  Experience the coolness via videos here and here and here.




The Fulltone Deja Vibe effects pedal for guitar and mandolin.




The Fulltone Deja Vibe also serves up some fine modulation effects, as demonstrated in this video




The Neptune Opto-Vibe Univibe/Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal by Tortuga Effects.

The folks at Tortuga Effects offer the Neptune Opto-Vibe Univibe/Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal (above) with unique light sensing actuator for switching between slow and fast modulation speed.  Check out this demo video.


The Soul Vibe effects pedal by BBE, a pharser like rotary speaker or uni-vibe emulator pedal.



Next, these videos (#1#2#3) demonstrate why the versatile Soul Vibe by BBE is promoted as a "phase-like" rotary speaker emulator .






The Dunlop RotoVibe univibe emulator pedal.


Click here for a nice video demo of the Dunlop RotoVibe model JD-45 electronic rotating speaker emulator with vibrato and chorus modes.





Photo of the DOD Chorus 690 guitar pedal


The vintage DOD Chorus 690 pedal has the foundation for doing a reasonable Leslie simulation because it's fitted with the electronics to switch between 2 different modulation rates with the push of a button.  To give it a bit of grind, place a quality distortion pedal ahead of it on the effects loop chain.



Ibanez RC99 Rotary Chorus effects pedal for guitars



Yet another Chorus / Leslie combination pedal is the Ibanez RC99 Rotary Chorus pedal.  But having only one pedal to handle the on/off duties, and none to handle the speed changes which are so much the soul of the Leslie speaker limits it's appeal.






But while any one of the above would be nice to complete that stomp box case, another wise choice could be a multiple modulation pedal, since some can provide a pretty convincing rotary speaker simulation. 


Section of the review of the Eventide ModFactor multi-efects pedal from the August 2008 issue of Guitar Player magazine, page 129, who it's claimed to be a fantastic Leslie speaker simulator pedal.



The Eventide Modfactor is one such stomp box, and the Guitar Player Magazine review at right proclaims it's Leslie speaker patch to be "...worth the price of the pedal alone."




Next is the EX-7 Expression Factory, a reasonably priced stereo multi effects pedal from Digitech's X-Series.

The Digiech EX-7 pedal is a fine leslie speaker simulation with expression pedal.

With separate patches for both Leslie Speaker and Uni-Vibe, as well as an interesting "overdrive & distortion" implementation which nicely compliments the modulation patches, the EX-7 can easily service your rotary speaker needs.  Check out this EX-7 demo page for sound samples and the owner's manual.

Now surely some of you are asking yourselves: "I wonder what Mike recommends for the rotary novice?"  Excellent question. The important thing to understand about a true rotary speaker is that, at it's best, it's an integrated tube amplifier and speaker cabinet containing 2 speakers which broadcast sounds spinning in opposite directions.  If you can afford the cost of one in terms of purchase price and space and maintenance, then by all means...treat yourself.

This isn't a stupid suggestion at all, since there are thousands of genuine Leslie's in the homes of organists who do nothing more than perform at weddings and funerals, and at church on Sundays. If they can afford to have the best equipment just for practice, then so can a guitarist who wants the best home studio possible.

But if that's not practical, then the next question to ask yourself is:  "Are my amp and speakers right for the rotary speaker sound?"  The fact is that even a high quality leslie speaker pedal can sound like garbage through the wrong rig, and you won't know the results until you attach one to your combo amp and give it a the various venues where you'll be using it.  But there is a better way.

Consider the Digitech RP-350 multi-effects pedal. Available for about $100.00 via Craigslist, possession of this serious musical monster will afford you the ultimate introduction into the world of the rotary speaker, the univibe, the vibro-pan, and practically every other modulation efx known to man.  Feel free to visit my RP-350 page for specific instructions to set up the Digitech pedal to achieve optimum Leslie-ocity.


For something priced right for our current economic reality, check out this sample generated by the versatile Digitech RP200, which can be found on CraigsList or ebay for $50 or less.

While we're considering this Digitech Multi-Effects Processor, these modulation samples of the tremolo effect, the vibrato effect, and the phaser effect from the Digitech RP-Series are also very well done.


Finally, while I'm hoping to provide a little entertainment and inspiration, feel free to examine the efforts of others for more intellectual substance.  Additional thoughts, ideas, and theory on the use of the guitar with the Leslie Cabinet can be found at:

And an excellent comparison of some of the Leslie emulators and simulators, along with rotary rich audio samples of "Badge" by Cream, "Nantucket Sleighride" by Mountain, and "Well All Right" by Blind Faith, can be found at:


***  Guitarists who seem to employ an H & K Tube Rotosphere everywhere except on their recordings.

From Guitar One Magazine June 2002 issue, here's a list of the gear used by guitarist John Mayer, including the Hughes and Kettner Tube Rotosphere Leslie Speaker Cabinet emulator and a Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan model Strat.

Example #1.  From the June 2002 issue of Guitar One Magazine, at right is a list of guitar gear used by John Mayer which includes the H & K Tube Rotosphere, though frankly I do question it's accuracy, as I'm hard pressed to find a song which features a clear Leslie groove on any of the 3 Mayer albums which I've owned (Room for Squares, Heavier Things, and Continuum).  In 2009, Mayer's CD Battle Studies does exhibit evidence of rotory speaker-esque emanations in the bridge of the song "Perfectly Lonely", a head scratcher considering a Rotosphere is supposedly a regular fixture on his pedal board.  When pressed on this issue, he'll probably blame the producers.



A list of gear used on stage by guitarist Jonny Lang, including the Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere.  From Guitar Magazine, page 84 of the Oct. 1998 issue.

Example #2.  It's very much the same with guitarist Jonny Lang.  At left, in the October 1998 issue of Guitar Magazine he's credited with being a big Tube Rotosphere user, although it wasn't until his 2003 album "Long Time Coming" that I can identify some semi-serious Leslie warble going on in his music, in the song "Hide Your Love".  Now don't get me wrong here, I love Lang's work, particularly "Still Rainin" and his vocal contribution to this year's Eric Johnson creation "Austin", but all I'm asking is "Jonny, why not practice in the studio what you preach?"