My Favorite Movies

From Lowly Regarded Film Critic Mike Kimbro

  1. Silverado,  Western by Lawrence Kasdan with Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Kevin Kostner, Jeff Goldblum, Scott Glenn, Brian Dennehy, John Cleese, Jeff Fayhey, Rosanne Arquette & Linda Hunt
  2. Bachelor Party, Comedy with Tom Hanks, Zmed, Kitaen, Gabriell
  3. Blade Runner, Science Fiction with Ford, Young, Hauer, Hannah
  4. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Action with Eastwood, Bridges, George Kennedy 
  5. Excalibur, Fantasy/Drama
  6. Godzilla, SciFi/Comedy with Broderick...most underrated movie of all time.  The Madison Square Garden scene is pure genius.
  7. Dances with Wolves, Western with Kostner & McDowell
  8. Alien, SciFi with Weaver, Hurt
  9. Passenger 57 with Snipes
  10. Little Big Man with Hoffman
  11. Predator, SciFi with Arnold, Ventura, & Weathers
  12. Marathon Man with Hoffman, Olivia, Schieder
  13. Three Days of the Condor with Redford, Dunnaway, Von Sydow
  14. Field of Dreams, with Kostner, Lancaster, Jones
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean:  Curse of the Black Pearl with Depp and Rush
  16. Body Heat, Suspense by Lawrence Kasdan with Hurt, Turner, Danson, & Kenna
  17. Addicted to Love, Romantic Comedy with Broderick, Ryan, Preston
  18. Gone with the Wind, History with Leigh and Gable
  19. Dune, SciFi with Kyle, Young, Von Sydow
  20. Stuck On You, comedy with Damon, Kinnear, & Cher
  21. True Lies, Action with Arnold and Arnold and Curtis
  22. Star Trek-The Wrath of Kahn, SciFi with The Original Cast and Mantolban
  23. Rocky, Drama with Stalone, Weathers, Meridith
  24. Star Wars-A New Hope, SciFi
  25. The Tailor of Panama, Drama with Brosnen, Rush, and Curtis
  26. Grand Canyon, Feel Good by Lawrence Kasdan with Glover, Kline, Martin, McDowell
  27. Die Hard, Action with Willis
  28. Wall Street, Drama with Douglas, Sheen
  29. Aliens, SciFi with Weaver, Paxton
  30. The Ten Commandments, Drama with Heston, Brenner
  31. Caddy Shack, Comedy with Chase, Dangerfield, Knight
  32. The Scent Of A Woman, Drama with Pacino, O'Donnell
  33. Spartacus, History with Douglas, Curtis, Simmons
  34. White Christmas, with Kaye, Crosby
  35. Get Shortly, Comedy with Devito, Travolta
  36. Highlander, Science Fiction and Fantasy and History with Lambert & Connery
  37. The Matrix with Reeves, Fishburne, and Carrie-Ann Moss
  38. Shakespeare in Love with Paltrow, Fiennes, and Affleck
  39. Van Helsing, horror with Jackman, Beckinsale
  40. One Flew Over The CooCoo's Nest, Black Comedy with Nicholson
  41. Cut Throat Island, Action with Davis, Langela
  42. Life of Brian, Comedy by Monty Python
  43. Max Dugan Returns, Feel Good with Marsha Mason, Robards
  44. The Thing, Sceince Fiction/Horror with Russell
  45. GoldenEye, Action with Brosnan
  46. Long Kiss Goodnight, Action with Davis, Jackson
  47. Big Trouble in Little China, Action/Comedy with Kurt Russell & Kim Cattrall
  48. Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Comedy by Monty Python
  49. Quest for Fire, History with Rae Dawn Chong
  50. Dracula, Horror with Oldman, Reeves, Hopkins
  51. The Magnificent Seven, Western with Vaughn, McQueen, Brenner
  52. The Outsiders, Feel Good Drama with Cruise, Swayzie, Dillon, Howell, Macchio, Lowe, Estevez, and Garrett
  53. Dracula, Dead and Loving It, Comedy with Brooks, Corman, Neilson
  54. Poltergeist, Horror with Craig & Beth.

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