North Phoenix High School's

5-minute Mile Club for 1972.

The 5-Minute Mile Club of North Phoenix High School track and field team members Trini Balderrama, Mike Green, Mike Kimbro, Gary Casagrande, Bill Hadley, David McColm, Craig Palmquist, Jesse Morales, Larry Whaley, Leendert Hartoog, and George Morfin for 1972.

Front: Freshmen Trini Balderrama (4.49), Mike Green (4.57), Mike Kimbro (4.53.2), Gary Casagrande (4.53.6)

Middle: Bill Hadley (4.48), David McColm (4.24.4), Craig Palmquist (4.39), Jesse Morales (4.33.1), George Morfin (4.29.7)

Back: David Bouvea (4.23.2), Pat Meldrum (4.36.1), Robert Herrera (4.32.0), Coach Ron Rouser (4.52.0),

            Larry Whaley (4.57), Leendert Hartoog (4.51)

Also, take note of the autograph by the great George Young!!!!

Not before nor since have upper classmen shown

their freshmen teammates such support and friendship. 

I recall senior George Morfin taking his lunch hour

to pace me through my first 2-mile prior to the

start of the track and field season.  Such support of

a freshman was way past the call of duty.


I'm still amazed that the upper classmen included

some of the freshmen when they crashed a big

outdoor party over at Arizona State University

in Tempe.  I think of that night every time I hear

"Funk 49" by the James Gang.  What a fun bunch of guys.


North High School's Boys Cross Country team had

already won the Arizona High School Cross Country

Championship back in the fall with what could be

the most dominant team in Arizona Cross Country

history, which included the upper classmen and frosh

sensation Trini Balderrama.


Following is a review of the AAA State Meet for 1971

from "Arizona Prep" magazine (December 1971, p. 32):

Results of the Arizona State High School Cross Country Championship Meet of 1971.

Coach Ron Houser of the Arizona High School Champion North Phoenix High School Cross Country team of 1971.

Ron Houser, truly a fine coach.

Mike Kimbro

Grapevine, Texas USA


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Pep Talk & Home Course Strategy Pages from Coach Ron Houser for the big Cross Country dual meet against Camelback High School:

Strategy for running the cross country dual meet against Camelback High School, prepared by Coach Ron Houser of North Phoenix High School.

Ribbons from 1972 "Freshman City Championship" Track Meet for schools in the Phoenix Union High School System

held May 5, 1972 at Phoenix Alhambra High School.  With all of the problems I'd been

experiencing with my asthma during this season, I'm as proud of these little ribbons

as anything I've ever achieved.

Two Mile Finish:

1.  Manuel Solano (South Mountain High School) 2.  Larry Hildalgo (South Mountain)  3.  Trini Balderrama (North High) 

      4.  Mike Kimbro (North Phenix High) (10:32)  5.  Gary Casagrande (North High School)

Mile Finish (an hour and a half later):

1.  Manuel Solano (South Mountain High School)  2.  Larry Hildalgo (Phoenix South Mountain High)  3.  Trini Balderama (North High) 

      4.  Mike Kimbro (Phoenix Arizona North High School) (4:59)

Ribbons from the 1972 "Freshman City Championship" Track Meet for schools in the Phoenix Union High School System.

Photo Credit:  The National Track and Field Hall of Fames site, photo of Coach Vern Wolfe.


Finally, any piece on Track and Field at North Phoenix High School would not be complete without mention of Coach Vern Wolfe, who developed not one but TWO national athletes of the year WINNERS while at North High School in Phoenix.  Coach Wolfe left the Mustangs to return to USC, where he coached 6 Olympic Gold Medal winners, and is now a member of the American Track and Field Hall of Fame.


Luke Greenway track meet program cover featuring North Phoenix High School track's George Morfin, David Bouvea, Pat Meldrum, Robert Herrera, Coach Ron Rouser, Larry Whaley, Gary CasaGrande & autograph by Arizona distance running great George Young.