Photo of my Daisy Rock Starburst Elite with the Crate Powerblock amp head and Crate Mini-Full-Stack

Model:   Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Classic

Pickups:  Dual 4-Wire Humbuckers with Coil Tap

Set Neck, 24.75" Scale Length


Amp Head:  Crate CPB150 Power Block Stereo Guitar Amp

Solid state - 150-watt mono ( 75-watt stereo)

Single Channel FlexWave Preamp

Effects Loop, CD-Tape Input, Balanced XLR Connector

Knobs: Gain, Level, & 3 EQ, Weight:  4  1/2 lbs.


Speakers:   Crate Mini Full Stack

Top:  Crate Model GE-406S with four  6" Drivers

Bottom:  Crate Model GE-406R with 4  6 inch Speakers

Rated at 40-watt and 4 ohm

Crate Powerblock amp head rear view

Above is a rear view of the Crate PowerBlock Stereo Guitar Amp Head, with 1/4" speaker output jacks for both stereo or mono use, including bridge mono.  There is also a balanced XRL Line Out jack with it's own level control.  A 1/4" headphone jack is located on the front panel.

Besides the 1/4" input on the front panel, the Crate CPB150 stereo solid state amp head has a pair of RCA input jacks for CD or Tape, and a dual purpose line in / stereo effects loop for adding external effects or for patching an external line level signal into the Power-Block.  The Power Block Amp Head also features speaker simulation circuitry for enhanced sound at each of the audio outputs.