Guitar Model:   Daisy Rock Rock Candy Custom Dark Star

Pickups:  Dual Humbuckers with Coil Tap

Neck:  24.75" Gibson Scale Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard

Tuners:  Grovers


Amp :  Crate GT-80-DSP QuadraDrive Combo Amp

80 watt Solid State Power Amp

Dual Channel Preamp each with both Solid State & Tube Modes

Preamp Tubes:  (2) 12AU7 and (1) 12AX7

Knobs: Each Channel has 3 EQ, Level, and Gains for both Tube & SS

Effects Loop, External Speaker Output

Footswitches for Reverb, Channel, & Tube-Solid State

Driver:  12" Crate Custom-L, 8 ohm, 80 watts