Here is the inverted pic of my Washburn Maverick Series guitar collection of Mike Kimbro of Grapevine, Texas USA, which includes a gorgeous BT-8 with upgraded DeArmond USA pickups, and a BT-10 with Floyd Rose tremolo and a Washburn 621 - 623 pickup set.

L to R:  BT-3 /IV,            BT-2/MSF,              BT-2-90/DBL,             BT-8,                      BT-10,                    Billy T

My Washburn BT-Series guitar collection, including a Washburn Bantum BT-3, a Washburn Maverick BT-2 with an HB-102 Duncan Designed pickup set, a Washburn Maverick Series BT-2 with P90's, a Washburn Maverick Series BT-8 with DeArmand USA pickups, Washburn Maverick Series BT-10, and Washburn BillyT with 600 Series PUPs.