B.C. Rich Bich model from the NJ Series, in metallic cream with black hardware, 24.75" scale length, 2 4-wire humbucker pickups are labeled "Select - Designed by EMG", dual coil tap switches, 3-way pickup selector switch, 3 control knobs, Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, locking nut, generic tuners, maple neck with diamond inlays, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets.

B.C. Rich Bich electric guitar from the NJ Series from Mike Kimbro's Collection of Short Scale Guitars, bought from an EZ Pawn pawn shop in Dallas, Texas.



Toggle switch settings ***

R-M-F  (rear-middle-front)

D-D-D                  BS-NS          2.19 ohms

U-D-D                  BH-NS          2.84 ohms

D-U-D                  NS                 4.20 ohms

D-D-U                  BS-NH          2.83 ohms

U-U-D                  NS                 4.20 ohms

U-D-U                  BH-NH         4.21 ohms

D-U-U                  NH                8.32 ohms

U-U-U                  NH                8.31 ohms

*** With both volume knobs turned full on