Blank ammunition will save lives!

Blank ammunition will enhance hand gun ownership!

Blanks allow for better family protection while offering greater peace of mind!

The media is reporting the development of a new "smart gun" which will be so hi-tech that it will identify whether the person holding the gun is the gun's owner.  The goal being to reduce household accidents and deaths involving hand guns.

For years I have been advocating a far simpler idea:

     Require that a single blank bullet be the 'next' round in any loaded handgun kept around children.

Now lets break this down so as to avoid any misunderstanding:

What are the benefits of using a single blank first round:

This is such a simple idea.  Lately, I've been scheming ways to make a buck on the concept.  I envisioned a business dedicated to selling single blank bullets.  I envisioned the design or modification of hand guns which would require a unique blank round prior to the safety being removed.  My mind was whirling with ideas.  Fortunately, I came to the realization that it's best to keep the concept as simple as possible.

Instead, I encourage the NRA to create a program to distribute blank rounds cheaply, or even for free.  I imagine any number of organizations (insurance, gun marketing organizations, state & local gov't, police departments, private individuals) would see the benefit of sponsoring such a program.

Furthermore, I encourage our leaders to consider legislation which furthers this simple idea.  But as they do consider legislation, I ask that they please consider a "carrot" to positively promote the use of blanks, such as reduced liability to hand gun owners who have a single blank round in place if an accident does occur.

Mike "Blankman" Kimbro

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