A Gas Stop Box Song


Original song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A relyric of the song “Wichita Lineman”, words and music by Jimmy Webb. I DO NOT own the rights to this incredible song.


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance or my pathetic singing attempt.  


Glen Campbell Sample 1



I work the south side of Chi-cago,


Tending to utilities.


Turning off the gas,


Not so much when temperatures freeze.



Glen Campbell Sample 2

Yeah, when they bury deep a gas line.


There's a Stop Box near the streeet.


When your bill's paid on tiime, man.


We don't have to meet.


Glen Campbell Sample 3



You know I discipline my children.


When they turn up the heat.


"Go straight to bed", is what I said,


"With stockings on your feet."



When you're shirtless in December,


On the chair beside the flame.


Bubba, try and remeember,


From where it all came.




Glen Campbell Sample 4 


Please don't ask for an arrangement.


When I'm parked along the street.


When your bill's paid on time, ma'am.


We don't have to meet.


The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2019.  All rights reserved.



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