A Murder Mystery


A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


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Just set a meeting to discuss my screen play:


ďA pretty girl is killed by the man she loves.Ē


Itís sad, but in the reality of TV today,


Itís murder that viewers canít get enough of.



I once wrote a story which was free of alibis,


But no studio would spend a dime on it.


Cause unless someone dies, and the Ďperpí fries,


It wonít be watched, and thatís the crime of it.



In Scottsdale lived a guy named Kummerlowe


Who followed murder with bath tub dissection.


Arizonaís governor once tried to let him go,


And it cost her a sure re-election.



The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce knows,


If all the men who left that corral were OK,


There wouldnít be all those Wyatt Earp shows,


And only javelinas would visit Tombstone today.



Dallas, Texas is the place to go,


If you really want to feel a chill.


As you stand atop the grassy knowle,


Youíll grieve the loss of JFK still.



Then walk over to the Sixth Floor Museum,


Itís not a place to go to have fun, man.


From there, with eyes closed, maybe you see him.


The ghostly form of a second gunman.



Dinnerís done and itís time for something sweet.


Like a yummy piece of pie a la mode.


But millions will settle on a low cal treat,


A Miami CSI episode.



But when Iím the guy holding the remote,


The choice of channels isn't up for a vote.


Weíre watchiní shows about sports or history,


Or dancing or singing or the frigginí Love Boat.


I donít care, but not a murder mystery.


The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2014.  All rights reserved.



Keywords:  Poems about murder and dismemberment, killing people, law and order, poems about csi miami, Carl Kenneth Kummerlowe of Scottsdale, Arizona killed my uncle Harley Kimbro then spent many years in prison before being paroled to live in Virginia.