A Runner's High Poem                [Part 2 of my Sports Trilogy]


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.



I quickly discovered that a runner's high was most easily achieved while running on a dirt road on a flat surface, such as along the canal system in Phoenix, Arizona, in the Valley of the Sun.



I'm a distance runner.


Use my muscular quads,


To elevate my knees skyward.


All my workouts are funner,


Soaring high with the gods.


Yeah, the feeling's far from wired,


When I'm on a runner's high.





But there's an answer I seek:


Where am I supposed to land,


On the heel or further forward?


Please tell me which technique,


Improves the feeling so grand,


Because I feel kind of tortured,


When I don't hit a runner's high.





But when it comes to running form,


I hear many calls to conform.


But I'll keep on embracing the norm,


Until I find a better runners high.


Image Credit: Tattoo artist extraordinaire Ashley Dawn        

If it gets me there the fastest,


Makes my ecstasy the strongest,


And keeps me there the longest,


I'll tell my heal striking ways: "Bye, bye."



I'd gladly do my workouts in goose step,


With a tattoo of Liberache on my bicep,


Not giving a care as to the impact on my rep,


If it delivered a better runners high.





New shoes were bought with interesting devices.


From U4ic midsoles to foams made of plastic,


And 3D overlays and even zero drop.


Given the pounding they take, I don't mind the prices.


And while some might consider this approach drastic,


The monthly sport shoe store visits will never stop,


Until I find a better runner's high.


That's Piestewa Peak, formerly Squaw Peak, there in the background of this pic taken in Phoenix, Arizona.




I maintain that, as God is my witness,


While a marathon is my longest run,


A daily hour jog I need direly.


But some say that, if running for fitness,


Thirty minutes is all you need to "get 'er done".


Anything more is for something else entirely.


Like say maybe a runner's high.



Part of the canal system in the Valley of the Sun, run by the Salt River project which provides fresh water for most of Central Arizona.



If you think I'm spending hours,


Like a mouse in a metal wheel,


Just to stay in primo shape.


You underestimate the power,


Of the addiction which I feel,


From it's grasp there is no escape.


Yep, I need that runner's high.



The End



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2017.  All rights reserved.