An Abundance Of Caution


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.



VERSE 1 - Her's


I deal with much anxiety,


From threats both real and pretend.


I'd say a prayer for society,


Then read novels on how it might end.



VERSE 2 - Her's


Hey, you can ask my sweet lover,


Who's worn a condom for three years.


He bellyaches, over and over.


Unconcerned about STD fears.



VERSE 3 - Her's


Compared to what we face today.


The threat of gonorrhea is minor.


If I hope of keep COVID at bay,


It's time to cut loose that whiner.



CHORUS - Her's


We need to have a word,


Before you start to coughin'.


I know it sounds absurd,


But I want no part of a coffin.


So I'm kicking you to the curb...


Out of an abundance of caution.



BRIDGE - Her's


I'm cautious, it's true,


In all things health related.


But this ain't no simple flu.


Folks are getting ventilated.


Put on the mask I made for you.


Or hear the cold hard truth restated:


It's with an abundance of caution,


I choose to be isolated...from you.



VERSE 4 - His


OK, I've read your COVID manifesto.


You think that you have power over me.


Do it your way, or I should just go.


You need a check up, psychologically.



VERSE 5 - His


So what's behind this bizarre behavior?


Think back to the Sunday Service last held.


You so looked forward to meeting your Savior.


Now, if I sneeze you're nervous as hell.



VERSE 6 - His


Growing up with asthma, I'd cough and wheeze.


Now you can understand my perfume fear.


But I've put on the mask, hoping to appease.


Pretty cool that it was once your brassiere.





So that nobody gets kicked to the curb...


Y'all should sit down and have a word,


Even if it sounds somewhat absurd.


So y'all won't need a coffin,


Before someone starts to coughin',


Exercise social isolation,


Out of an abundance of caution.


Tucker Carlson addressing moral blackmail, something that the political right knows so much about, in a discussion of what they call the Chinese Coronavirus.


The End.



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2020.  All rights reserved.