Beside The Chimpanzees


Original song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A relyric of the song “Defying Gravity” by Stephen Schwartz, from the Broadway play “Wicked”.


Please read along to the Spoken Verse Performance.


LEGAL NOTE:  I do not own the lyrics or the music to the song "Defying Gravity"



A sci-fi motion picture


About the world to come.


Where Great Apes are the big boss men.


And humans are like, done.



Be-fore, I shared my insight,


Through po-ems, tried not to brag.


Goodbye to walking upright.


Now my knuc-kles drag.



I’ll be up there


Be-side the chimpanzees


Up in the air


Be-side the chimpanzees


And cool orangutans.



Don't read old Charles Darwin,


Who claims that apes evolved.


Some folks have said of him,


He spouts some shit that's unresolved.


Men won the first couple bouts.


But here comes the hol-o-caust.


I've ze-ro doubts,


For men the war will soon be lost.



Then I’ll be there


Be-side the chimpanzees.


Without a care,


Be-side the chimpanzees.


And cool orangutans.



A hairy dude.


Oh, yeah. I'm such a hairy dude.


Used to say: "Live and let live."


When they called me 'primative'.


Such a shame,


My last loving steady,


Was prone to call me Yedi.


Who's the one who's in vogue now?!?



Don't need a shrink,


Amongst the chimpanzees.


"The Missing Link",


Amongst the chimpanzees.


And cool orangutans.





No need to shave!


Thick back hair you'll want.


You’ll see!


You’ll see!



Now if you’re scared of zom-bies,


You better get a clue.


The real threat comes from monkeys.


Mark my words, poor old mankind is…





But hey, there is a bright side:


No eyebrows to be tweezed.


He once would run. Hide.


Now old Sasquatch will be pleased.



When I'm up there,


Right be-side the chimpanzees.


Without a care,


Be-side the chimpanzees.


Yeah, those orangutans are cool.





And while the plot does have some flaws


I’m certain it applies, because...


I'm covered head to toe,


With Fur.


With sweet fur.




The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2018.  All rights reserved.



NOTE:  When I first heard "Defying Gravity", I chuckled to myself thinking that the last note sounded somewhat like Tarzan's trademark yodel. But about a third of the way into this project, I shelved it in favor of something for February 14, 2015. This original project wasn't finished until early 2018, some 3 years later.



Keywords: Poems about the movie The Planet of the Apes, Odes to hairy guys, evolution, poems about gorillas, Primate poetry, Defying Gravity parodies.