Boomers and Holy Rollers


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance. 





Born in Texas, just North of Dallas.


Grew up to be Supreme Commander.


Not known to harbor venom or malice.


But to Russians he didn't pander.





Kept Adlai Stevenson out of the White House twice.


During the Fifties, wielded ultimate power.


But Military Industrial Complex advice,


Was the last thing shared by Eisenhower.





Why had he turned against, so resolutely,


A group which he had tasked with our protection?


Had they backed the candidacy of Kennedy?


Sounds natural, but there is one exception:





Did someone call him "Boomer"?!?


I'm serious. Don't think this is humor!


Hey y'all, I'm just keeping it real.


Even if he's complacent and dull,


Nothing makes an older guy feel,


Like doing a knee drop on the skull,


Of someone who calls him Boomer.





Right around the year 29AD,


Christ Jesus walked Jerusalem streets.


Known for love and wisdom, but not austerity.


At least, when it came to oils for his feet.





Christ fed the hungry, and proclaimed who was blessed.


And cured the sick, before there were pharmacies.


In temple, he threw down on folks he detested.


Had Christ learned what he'd been called by the Pharisees?





They had tarred him with the term "Holy Roller"!


Sadly, that could make anyone go bipolar.


Hey y'all, I'm just keeping it real.


But nothing makes a chosen one feel,


(Even when he says forgiveness is our duty)


Like breaking off a sandal in the bootie,


Of someone who calls him or her a "Holy Roller".





But imagine that you are getting called BOTH,                     [Note: that's Holy Roller and Boomer]


And you respond with violence to such agitation.


A jury would be violating their sworn oath,


If they gave you any more than probation.


The End


Copyright Michael Kimbro 2019.  All rights reserved.