Chinese Steel                   [Part 3 of my China Trilogy]


A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em like an itch-bay.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em like an itch-bay.





I needed an ode for the election,


Of twenty sixteen.  Such a fiasco.


With rhymes Pete Sinfield would find perfection.


And a hook burning hot like Tabasco.





An artist relies on help from his muse.


Mine turned a deaf ear to my appeal.


But that all changed when Clinton let loose,


With a jab about Chinese Steel.





Chinese Steel.


Chinese Steel.


He had it shipped in COD,


This douche bag of the 1st degree.


Now his prime regret must surely be:


Wished he hadn't used Chinese Steel.





While sitting in a North East bar,


Kinda like “Cheers”, only swanker.


To my surprise, in walks the star,


Who fired Summer.  What a wanker.





But my lady friend showed some interest.


And I asked her:  “What’s the appeal?”


"There's a long line waiting to be his mistress.


Rumor is he works with Chinese Steel."





Chinese Steel.


Chinese Steel.


Goodbye to the Age of Reason.


Now for married gals it’s open season.


And the one sure way that they find him pleasin’…


Is when he works with Chinese Steel.





In the locker room, had to hurry and shower.


After a workout at the YMCA.


But I overheard this man of much power,


Share a tip with his protégé:





“Don't it make you mighty forlorn,


When your date doesn’t share how you feel?


Offer them a dose of rhinoceros horn.


They’ll be begging for some Chinese Steel.”

Here's a couple bottles of Horny Goat Seed tablets.





Chinese Steel.


Chinese Steel.


Do this when it's time to breed:


Sip on a tea of Horny Goat Weed,


While nibbling on some Pumpkin seed.


Yeah, you'll be swinging Chinese Steel.





Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em like an itch-bay.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em like an itch-bay.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em.


Move on ‘em like an itch-bay.






Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2016. All rights reserved.

Here's a container of pumpkin seed oil, pic taken at the Walmart in Grapevine, TX.



After many of my efforts, I list the verses which didn't make the final cut.  I call these 'poetic remnants'.


Here's the only such verse left over from this piece, originally intended to be the first refrain.



CHORUS 1 (alternate)


Chinese Steel.


Chinese Steel.


I heard it in the last debate.


From the darling of the Excelsior State,


The one with a Catholic on her slate…


What a jab, about Chinese Steel.


Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope that you enjoyed my work.



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