Class Warrior        (Part 3 of my Golf Trilogy)


Original song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Structure Scheme: Accent points on all 5 verses align.


Consider reading along to my spoken verse performance.





Highway 60 goes,


Where the Floyds Fork flows.


The golf courses there aren't bad.


I feel the need to mention,


One time causing friction.


Mouthin' 'bout a dress code they had.





Derby City guy.


De.cided to buy,


Golf shirt with a V lo-go.


The imagery of Vikings.


Was much to my liking.


But the purchase was a no go.



Here I am in a white dress shirt with the Valhalla Golf Club logo, which I found at a thrift shop in Louisville, Kentucky.



I met a Class Warrior.


In a swank (East End) Pro Shop.


A resolute Class Warrior.


Who put my purchase to a stop.


Class Warrior.





Whatcha gonna do,


Wearing jeans of blue.


You can't help but look bourgeois.


My attire was lacking.


So they sent me packing.


Left there feeling like an outlaw.












I was the Class Warrior.


In a swank (East End) Pro Shop.


An absolute Class Warrior.


Put my own purchase to a stop.


Class Warrior.







That golf course is quite a beauty,


From the hill that the club house is on.


The old boy was just doing his duty,


Next time I'll simply shop Amazon.







Here's a golf shirt which celebrates the Ryder Cup when it was held at Valhalla Golf Club.  




Brother, here's a plan.


En.ter 'hat in hand',


And when you're told: "There's the door."


Don't mistake it as loathing,


Of your common clothing.


By those in the P-G-A store.







Guess I better stop,


Where common folk shop.


For clothes, which have been ex-pelled.


And on the wall, a painting,


Had me almost fainting.


From a beauty few have be-held.
















Also found at a thrift shop, this awesome green golf shirt which commemorates the 2010 PGA Championship held at Shistling Straits Golf and Country Club in Sheboygan, WI.




I was a Class Warrior.


But my casa had walls where that would work.


Don't be a Class Warrior.


I regret that I came off like a jerk. 


Class Warrior.



The End



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2021.  All rights reserved.