Common Law                 [Part 1 of My Impeachment Trilogy]


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Squeezing the steering wheel of my car,


I was definitely in quite a hurry.


And as usual, I was running late.



That's when I heard old Ken Starr,


As he addressed the Senate jury,


Speak two words that made me sit up straight.





Ken said Congress had the opportunity,


As it relates to statesmen who screw up,


To: "Weave the Tapestry of Common Law."



Back when I first practiced housing unity,


Daddy said that it was time that I grew up.


Then he explained the term "Common Law".





His mention of marriage did make me freak.


Hey, I wasn't sure that I was ready.


It seemed to me, that just the prior week,


My sweet thing and I were 'going steady'.



Who knew that time brought complications?


And why were my parents grinning?


I couldn't grasp the implications.


Instead of bummed out, you'd think they were winning.



Mom explained, that she and Pa,


Were happy with the deal they were getting.


They got a suitable daughter-in-law,


Without having to pay for a wedding.





Thanks to the impeachment, we now know,


Why different reactions are incited by,


The phrase: "Tapestry of Common Law".



Some loudly let their glad feelings show.


While, quietly, others may begin to cry,


Damning the "travesty of Common Law".


The End


Copyright Michael Kimbro 2020.  All rights reserved.