Mrs. Barbara Maxwell looking out over Choctawhatchee Bay to Destin's Mid-Bay Bridge.

Cruising Choctawhatchee Bay


A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Consider reading along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Texas, Texas.


You're known far and wide


For your fishin'.


Grab a spot on the bank


Of a stock tank,


If the rancher grants me admission.





Grapevine, Grapevine.


If I had to fish there,


I'd be starving.


Pic of the Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village on Harbor Blvd (US Highway 98) in Destin, FLA.

The fish are too picky,


For this angler named Mickey,


So filets I'm rarely carving.





Destin, Destin.


Your beaches and bays


Sure are pleasiní.


Iím gonna drop by,


In June or July,


When red snapper are in season.




Photograph of the Destin Fishing Fleet sign at the marina by the Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village.


Destin, Destin.


Canít hold out that long,


Hereís the reason.


As temperatures fall,


Snow, we canít forestall.


By December Iíll be freeziní.





So I checked to see how much time I'd amassed,


For sick leave, comp time, and vacation.


It was just enough so that we'd have a blast,


With our amigos at Kelly Plantation. gave us a great forecast.


Checked all five tires for the right inflation...   [Note:  That's 4 tires plus the spare!]



Pic of Florida's Legendary Marina which was painted by marine life artist Wyland.



On the road, bound for Destin,


And the Choctawhatchee Bay.


Ask myself this one question:


"Is this trip for work or play?"



But to a versifier,


What good is a vacation.


If not to fuel the fire,


We need that inspiration.


All artists say a-men.








Traveliní through Mississippi


Between Vicksburg and Mobile.


Got my son on board with me. 


And heís stuck behind the wheel.



Itís true, I might be lazy,


As through the South weíre cruising.


He says I drive him crazy,


With all my rants and musings.


All children say a-men.







Itís so green down in Dixie


Smell of summer in the air.


See a hedge that intrigues me.


Might sound weird, but I donít care.



Photo of the South's most beautiful hedge, featuring beautiful flowering crape myrtles, located on Moffett Road (US Highway 96) in Wilmer, Alabama across from the Big Creek Baptist Church.

To aid a muse infertile,


It helps to take a snapshot.


Of shrubbery and crepe myrtles.


So sad, once you have forgot.


All seniors say a-men.







Then my son tries to tell me,


Of the Southern football fields.


They're adorned with cool shrubbery.


Oh, the bliss that banter yields!



Now one might think that he meant,


To shape old Dad's poetry.

Photograph of the incredible hedge which fronts US Highway 96 between Hattiesburg and Mobile, and the white house which it accents.


But what was his true intent?


To switch my Grand Funk CD,


With something by Thug Life.


Thug Life!?!








What's the shrub which they planted?


Chinese privet fits the bill.


Make the fields seem enchanted


(Down) in Athens and in Chapel Hill.



Image credit below: "The Lesser Known Hedges of Kenan Memorial Stadium" by Ryan Kantor

A hedge level view of UNC's Kenan Memorial Stadium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, photo by Ryan Kantor.



Image credit below:  USA Today.




























It's said that, down in Athens,


They play "between the hedges".


The shrubs contain the passions,


(Of) Alumni and pledges.


Whenever Georgia wins.






Gary Maxwell and Gene Ursten of Destin Florida on board a charter fishing boat which docks near the Emerald Grand at Harborwalk Village.



First day, it was deep sea fishing,


From my bucket list I scratched, what a day.


Got me a taste of what I was missing.


Sweet snapper were the catch of the day.






The charter boat's captain took us out to sea,


A GPS led him to each fishing hole.


The first mate provided the gear so that we


Could drop the line from our fishing poles.






Hoping to hook a snapper which impressed,


None of us planned to be #2.


Males can turn drinking water into a contest.


Don't worry gals, it's just something we do.

Rocking an awesome t-shirt celebrating the AfroZep band, that's poet Chrome Dome Mike with Thomas Maxwell of the US Army onboard the mighty charter fishing boat Big John which docks near the Emerald Bay at Harborwalk Village in Destin, Florida.





Fishing with live bait and pieces of squid,


Whites and mingos were caught, one by one.


But while those wily red snappers stayed hid,


We sure landed our limit of fun.



VERSE 15 - "Seasick and Sad"


But as our time out increased,


And the shore disappeared from view


That excursion's pleasure decreased.


But not so much for Big John's seasoned crew.

Gary Maxwell and Lee Skaalrud standing in front of the Big John charter boat of Capt Todd Allen which sails out of Destin Harbor near the Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village.





As the props were spinning


With a manly rumble


I couldn't look behind the boat.



Sure didn't feel like grinning.


And while I tried not to grumble,


Twas the low point of this anecdote.






Once the boat was back in the harbor,


We watched as the snappers were filleted.


The captain proved to be quite the carver.


Marine life artist Kelly Pierre of the True Colors Studio signing a work of paint on ceramic tile at the Emerald Bay at Harborwalk Village in Destin, FL, which became a wedding gift for Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson of Dallas, Texas.

The bag of fresh fish was worth the delay.





Later that evening, we sat down to dinner.


Back in Texas, Barb's known for her brisket.


But her blackened snapper is a winner.


Baked fish is alright, but why risk it.






Last trip to Destin, a handsome pair was wed.


One's a lawyer, the other's an accountant.


"A pair of jocks" is what I could have said.


Cause they had loads of athletic talent.





For a wedding gift, they got "Crab on Ceramic"


By the Destin artist Kelly Pierre.           >>>>>


We tried to think of something more dynamic,


But the bride did meet Kelly while there.







Here's the Formula brand cruiser Maxed Out! docked in front of the Legendary Marina in Destin, Florida.



The weather next morning was fair, with calm seas.


Perfect for checking out Gary's new ship.


A Formula Cruiser with power to please.


Twas the icing on the cake for this trip!





Barb's always on board when Gary's behind the wheel,


Out on the intracoastal waterway.


"Owning such a boat can increase sex appeal!"


That's what the Crab Island cuties all say.





Pic of an authentic Mexican chiminea in the Dallas backyard of Jeff and Courtney Clemmons.




Sometimes I open a bottle,


And gaze into the fire,


Of a backyard chiminea.



But when he opens the throttle,


A different view I admire,


Exiting Legendary Marina.






Got a stocked up fridge.


Thanks to Garyís bride.


And plenty of fuel to burn.




Crank the music a smidge,


As diesel powerís applied.


St. Roseís Bay begins to churn.      [Note:  The old name for Choctawhatchee Bay.]




With the Mid-Bay Bridge


View of the wake while carving a turn on the intracoastal waterway North of Destin, Florida.

On our port side


Iím focused on the view astern.








The Captain wasnít born on 3rd base.


With the mighty Mike Trout


At the plate.



Gary's got one hell of a poker face.


Holds a winning hand without


A king, queen, or an ace.



But while he's a bit of a hard case,


As a friend he's devout


And first rate.



Moved to Destin to avoid the rat race.


Where he learned to chill out


And recreate.



Got a quaint corner loft at Kelly place.


And the sporty Maxed Out!


Barbara, his first and soul mate.







Painting of whales on the walls of the Legendary Marina in Destin, FL which services the Chactowhatchee Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

Returning from the bay near Crab Island,


The Maxed Out! spins around as if on casters.


The Legendary warehouse was painted by Wyland.


He and Lassen and Nelson are the masters.






Gave thanks and goodbyes for that weekend so great.


Son and I had to be back by Monday.


We headed home from the Sunshine State,


Burning rubber in a bitchin' bronze Hyundai.



Onboard the Big John charter boat out of Destin are Lee Skalruud, Marshall Kimbro, and Thomas Maxwell, and while we got a bit queezy, none of us got sea sick, not doubt thanks to the dramamine we took before leaving Destin harbor.



With Lee and Thomas in the cast,


We dined on snapper and steak and crustaceans.


But I had to return from Florida fast.


Radar detection would decrease citations.


Boss said, if on Monday, I'm one minute past...


I can choose between death and castration.



The End.






Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2016. All rights reserved. 




























US Army officer Thomas Maxwell stepping off of the Big John charter boat in Destin, FL.

My son Marshall, rockin' his Texas A & M cap.





Barbara Maxwell of Destin, Florida enjoying a boat ride along the intercoastal waterway.



Rocking an awesome t-shirt by the AfroZep band, Chrome Dome Mike posing with the white and mingo snappers caught out on the Gulf of Mexico just south of Destin, Florida.