Drone Pilot


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Every night in Middle Tennessee,


As Napa's best is consumed by the liter,


Folks are making sure the water is algae free.


When it's cold they're cranking up the heater.





Of course, I'm talking 'bout the hot tub action,


Rest assured it's rated second to none.


But while the locals share aquatic passion,


An Indian fly boy is having some fun.





Cause he's a...


Drone pilot,


Master of the Nashville sky.


Drone pilot,


A rebel who's driven to fly.


Drone pilot,


Couldn't catch him if you try.





The pilots name is Freddie Patel.


And the neighborhood is his domain.


The sign at the entrance of Granny hite Park on Granny White Pike in Brentwood, Tennessee, in lovely Davidson County.

Blessed with hands that are steady as hell,


Got the preacher on camera snorting cocaine.





The back seat action at Granny White Park,


Accounted for quite a few spy camera missions.


What they do in Brentwood when it's not even dark,


Is truly picturesque in high definition.





Yeah, he's a...


Drone pilot,


Master of the Nashville sky.


Drone pilot,


A rebel who's driven to fly.


Drone pilot,


Couldn't catch him if you try.





While not all that big on morality,


Freddie embraced spirituality.


Though his English wasn't strong,


He loved the lyrics of one song.


It's Kula Shaker's "Tattva",


Rich in Indian music's sattva.


The English thought it was OK.


Yeah, it hit #1 in the UK.


But, in the US, there's no accounting for taste,


It maxed at #10 on the charts that it graced.





Freddie longed to work for Harvey Levin.


Paparazzi king, and star of TMZ.


Hollywood missions had to be heaven.


But getting that gig couldn't be easy.





Mr Levin was busy, but he agreed to meet,


At a restaurant in La Brea Tar Pit's direction.


Harvey found Fred's videos to be complete,


Since they answered the "drapes and carpets" question.





But Levin also criticized Freddie's work.


He said: "Footage of 'has beens' just ain't enough.


We've already got Ms. Montana doing the twerk.


Bring me Kellie Pickler tanning in the buff!"





Yeah he's a...


Drone pilot,


Master of the Nashville sky.


Drone pilot,


A rebel who's driven to fly.


Drone pilot,


Couldn't catch him if you try.





Freddie's professional art was simply "da bomb",


But the Davidson [County] Sheriff assigned a patroller.


The authorities knew they'd caught their peeping tom,


When Freddie answered the door, holding a controller.





His dad and mom hoped he'd be a doctor,


Or a dentist, or at least a friggin' lawyer.


A birthday present's effect they didn't factor.


The entrance to Brentwood Academy on Granny White Pike in Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb just south of Nashville.

Now their son's a world class voyeur.





Talk of public school once was blasphemy,


Before Freddie brought his family great shame.


After expulsion from Brentwood Academy,


His parents said his peer group was to blame.





Cause they were...


Drone pilots,


Masters of the Nashville sky.


Drone pilots,


Rebels who are driven to fly.


Drone pilots,


Couldn't catch them if you try.





The word's made it's way through the neighborhood,


About the moral decay of the Patel clan.


His older sister's marriage hopes once were good,


Now her only caller is a used car salesman.





While our hero gave up marriage aspirations,


He met an American girl who was kind of cute.


But curry didn't compliment her perspiration,


And her vocabulary matched that of Groot.





So now poor Freddie suffers from depression,


Facing bachelorhood, such a lonely way to die.


An arranged marriage is out of the question,


Since he's now 'untouchable' back in Mumbai.


A photo of two bottles of the supplements Tumeric and Curcumin, one with black pepper extract, by the drug companies Nature's Bounty and Nature's Truth.




Then one night, the despair was too great,


And Freddie snapped. Hey, he's only human.


But afterlife immigration would have to wait,


Since you can't OD on turmeric and cumin.



The End.



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2017.  All rights reserved.



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