Herb Immunity                 [Part 3 of my Medical Trilogy]


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Herb immunity,


Will save humanity!


My superior resistance,


Will support the existence,


Of what they call "Herb Immunity".





My pal and I were enjoying.


The very best of mother nature.


Lock down proved to be annoying.


And vaccines prooooggrrreesssss like a glacier.


A pic of Chrome Dome Mike in the classic dabbing position which was made popluar by NFL football player Cam Newton, the photographer is Eric Hahnert of Louisville, Kentucky.




The disease the Universe gave us.


Brought with it a pain that was stabbing.


The head line said something could save us.


I'm certain I saw that while dabbing.


Yeah, it said...





Herb immunity,


Is gonna save humanity!


Dude, we need something medicinal.


To fight the coronavirus plague.


And since weed's ill effects are minimal,


Pot's the cure for which we have prayed.


I'm ready for shit to get clinical,


So long as, in Cheetos, we're paid.


Dude, we're gonna spread the good word...


Of Herb Immunity.





Dude, what do you think tastes worse?


If bats are broiled or fried like chicken?


Some say a Wuhan market was first,


To see the germ with which we are stricken.



To everywhere else it was driven.


We're unsure of the time of arrival.


But now The Chronic may have given,


Mankind a second chance at survival.



Oh, crap. We have to spring into action.


Supply and demand is gonna get real.


Not just an Econ 101 discussion.


But is it too late to call our guy who deals?



Let's drive by his place, and if lights are on,


I'll light up his phone. Dude's on my speed dial.


Move your ass, before the dank stuff is gone.


We'll need a sweet stash for the weed trial.

The "Warhol Dude" T-Shirt is from A.T. Hun Art Gallery      




Very next morning, I turned on the news,


To see what's up in our community.


A story they shared brought on the blues.


They spoke of Swedish HERD immunity.





Seems that's the way COVID's handled by Swedes.


And it might be our country's "new normal".


While that's "my bad", I'm not ready to concede.


One day, our new normal, will be Herbal.





Herb immunity,


Might just save humanity!


Now that our salvation is cannabis,


I'm pretty sure I know what we should do.


Why wait for New England specialists,


To publish the results of some review?


Those who embrace the high lifestyle,


Are primed to face the human trial.


And do away with double reverse exile.


That's right! We've got the power!


The power of Herb Immunity.



The End.



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2020.    All rights reserved.