JEN, GIN, GIN!             [Part 3 of my Dating Trilogy]

Jennifer posing for the cameras at some big to do, I suppose.Jennifer Aniston photo in a more natural pose, caught while she was looking to her right.


 Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A Relyric of the song ďJANEĒ by the Dutch band Bushwhack, music and lyrics by Holland's Mark Boon


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This is my third date out with Jennifer.


Hopiní sheíll be more than a Ďfriendí.


She's in a backless dress and heals, yes sir.


Think I'll mix it up and call her Jen.





Switchin' to liquor just to add some 'flair'.


Go on and call my next of kin.


Couple Martini's and I just won't care.


I'll be flying high thanks to the Gin.





I can smell the scent Jenís wearing.


And her green eyes sure are fine.


Man itís hard to keep from staring,


Cause her body's gotta shine.


But Iím thinkiní Jen is special.


What if she might be the one?


So I'll slow my groove.


When itís time to move,


Weíll just head on home,


And Iíll teach her to play Gin.


Thatís right, Gin.





Iíve never seen Atlantic City,


But Iíve played more than a little solitaire.


So tonight I'll have her back home by one.


'Til then weíre gonna have some fun.





Shuffled and dealt 'em, ready to compete,


Knowiní thereís no way I can loose.


Channelled Bill Lumbergh's famous "Cover Sheet",


And it got a laugh, with help from booze.



One more turn is what Iím needing,


But I fell for Jenny's trap.


'Cause the deuce is in the widow,


And I know I'd better rap.


But her smile tells me timeís run out,


And I shout out: ďNot Again!?!".


Let me tell you, son,


You can have some fun.


Building straights and runs,


In that game that they call Gin.


With my sweet Jenn.


Ms. Jennifer Aniston.



The End



Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2012.  All rights reserved.