London Whaling        Part 1 of my Business Trilogy

Image Credit:  So big was this catastrophe that multiple newspapers and magazines featured comics on the subject of the infamous London Whale at JP Morgan Chase Bank.


Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A relyric of the song “London Calling” by The Clash, by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones


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London whaling.
Let me tell you a tale.
About a bank’s top trader,
Who refused to fail.
London whaling.
His boss was a "heel".   [Note:  his name…Achilles!]
Inept or just maybe,   
Asleep at the wheel?
London whaling.
The rules can be twirled.
'Cause there ain’t no regulation,
Which governs the world.
London Whaling.
How’d they loose all those Francs?
Surely they learned
From those Icelandic banks.
This bad news is causing
a press allergy.
When asked for comment,
Just three words: “C’est La Vie”.
Loosing six billion,
It’s not viewed a sin.
No time spent in prison,
Because no laws were broken.
London whaling.
From an engineering school.
Ascended banking,
But now he’s a tool.
London whaling.
Shoulda put women in charge.
Chicks wouldn’t let
Them loose six million ‘large’.     [Note:  large is slang for $1,000]
London whaling.
Why were those billions spent?
To answer I give you
A new term:  "Escoment".       [Def.:  Escalation of Commitment]
London whaling.
So you think that I'm rude.
Admit that you love
Volatility, dude.
Six bill’s ain’t a zinger,
So what's you crying for?
Barely a stinger.
They could have lost much more.
So what do we have here?
It's not like he stole.
It's more like in soccer,


When they score an own goal.

VERSE 9 - with verse 7 structure
London whaling.
No, Ron Paul wouldn’t care.
Cause government action
Is anti laissez faire.
VERSE 10 - with verse 8 structure
London whaling.
What’s the screaming about?
Accept that in time 
It all averages out.
It’s probably a worst case.
No one’s dieing, thus,
We can now replace,
Horse sense with calculus.
The stockholders excrete.
The press sees the plot.
The problem’s the C-Suite,


Where they love a jackpot.


VERSE 11 - with verse 7 structure
London whaling.
Commissioned traders know
That collecting charge backs
Is hard once you're let go.
VERSE 12 - with verse 8 structure
London whaling,
Still he's no one's 'itchbay'.         [Note: Remember pig latin?]
Expect a return
In the Boazic way.
So what have we learned here?
They won't call the cops,
Loosing six 'milliards',                  [Def.: 1 billion in the British long scale system]
With credit-default swaps.
Earn privatized profits,
Yet socialized losses.
And all those deposits,


Sweet…For Bruno and his bosses.

Let's wind down!
London Whaling.
Man, where to go next?
Try New York, like Henry.
Yeah, there you’ll get respect!
RIP Wreath for Bruno the London Whale
London whaling.
Should we order some wreaths?
You should chill out,
Even Howie still breathes.


Note:  Many thanks to my son Marshall for his technical inspiration and illumination.


Article by Marcy Gordon of the Associated Press about the London Whale situation within the JP Morgan Chase Bank.  The article was published in the September 20, 2013 issue of the business section of the Dallas Morning News.




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