Lovin' Bar-B-Que          [Part 2 of my Culinary trilogy]


Image Credit:  An incredible Tri-Meat Sandwich featuring bacon, ham, and pulled pork, which might just be the ultibate bar-b-que sandwich.  Image Credit:  Bone Daddy's House of Smoke, one of the primier Bar-B-Q joints in the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A loose relyric of the song “Tulsa Girl” by Andrew Trube and Anthony Farrell of the Austin band Greyhounds.


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Noon Friday means just one thing:


Lunch out with the crew.


We loaded up in Joe’s car, yeah.


He asked:  Hey y’all, where to?


We did not hesitate to say:


“How about Barbeque?”


Off we go!





Lovin’ Barbeque.


Oh yeah.


Loving Barbeque.





Tarheels chop up their pork and


Vinegar gives extra zest..


Tennessee pulled pork


Is sweeter than the rest


We Texans know, beyond a doubt,


That beef brisket is the best.


Where’s my bibb?





Lovin’ Bar-B-Que.


Oh yeah.


Loving Bar-B-Que.





Now my baby took me


To see her folks


For the very first time.


So on the way


I scored a couple racks of ribs.


And we all got along just fine.


They were cool.





Lovin’ Barbecue.


Oh yeah.


Loving Barbecue.



The End.



Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2012.  All rights reserved