Neighborhood Watch


Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A relyric of Red Rider’s song “Lunatic Fringe”, written by Tom Cochrane & Thomas William.


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Neighborhood Watch,


Don’t let your guard down.


You’re our front line,


Against those who’re threatening.


Be in urban camo.


Your shift starts at twilight.


Starts slow, but you should know,


Nothing good happens past midnight.





Neighborhood Watch,


While our families are sleeping,


You’re out there in your pickup,


Scanner squawking down low.


With those special night goggles,


Through darkness you’re peeping.


What’s there in your glove box,


Only use for your safekeeping.





If he wears a hoodie,


Woooow, pull right over and confront him.


Should he not be friendly,


Noooooo, must reign in your anger.


But don’t forget he could be,


An outlaw or gang banger.



VERSE 3 - shares verse 1 structure


Neighborhood Watch,


Do your job with pride.


Stand Your Ground, Sir.


The law’s on your side.


Vagrants, thieves and vandals,


Make them feel unwelcome.


But know that a scandal,


Might just kill our market values.



VERSE 4 - shares verse 2 structure


Neighborhood Watch,


There is more that we can do.


Convince our city fathers,


That we need a curfew.


Such a plan won’t pass through,


a referendum.


Voters won’t get in queue,


To just hand over their freedom.





Neighborhood Watch,


This threat only worsens.


Protect all our possessions,


Protect all our persons.


The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2012.  All rights reserved.