One Blank Ammo Round                     [Part 2 of my Firearms Trilogy]


A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


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What’s the hot ticket in home defense?


It’s the use of one blank ammo round.


Intruders will know to “get thee hence”,


When they hear the discharge sound.



A revolver is the gun it enhances,


When only the first round is blank.


So if you believe in second chances,


It might just be me that you thank.





You’ve got the kids at your place for the weekend,


While your ex and her beau take a trip to Cleveland.


You put on the spaghetti and the meat ball sauce.


Then you get a call from your workaholic boss.



You step out on the patio for some quiet space.


A gun shot you hear and your heart begins to race.


You run to your desk, by the bedroom door.


And see your pistol lying there on the floor.





Your brother in law is heading home after two.


He’s been over served, but knows what to do.


He’s gotta key to get into your house.


And he plans to be quiet as a mouse.



But in spite of his best efforts to creep around,


He woke you up from a sleep so sound.


So you fire your revolver with a blank first round.


And a scared young man is what you found.





The business you’ve built is grinding to a halt.


Cash flow’s fallen off, on loans you’ll default.


You’ve lost track of all the bridges you’ve burned.


No doubt your bad luck won’t soon be turned.



After throwing back your twelfth Crown and Seven.


You decide the next stop is clearly hell or heaven.


You stagger into the bedroom, and have a blast.


A badly burned mouth sobers you up pretty fast.





But if the coolest part of having a gun,


Is being executioner, judge and jury.


I suppose it wouldn’t sound like much fun,


Letting bad guys get away in a hurry.



But others will see this as a good start,


To enter into the world of gun ownership.


Having more options sounds pretty smart,


Unless you really need a 15 round clip.




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