Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


A relyric of the song "Memories" by Mac Davis and Billy Strange


Structure scheme:  Accent points align for all 4 verses


Inspired by watching a news piece on Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY.


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.







Worst offense against the graphic arts.




Favorite thing to do for dweebs and tarts.



When I pick a special place.


And pose the people perfectly.


A smile upon each face,


Before the prom.


Some ass hole steps into the scene,


Then bang! Pho-o-tobomb.


Yeah, photobomb.



Some imbecile,


Gets in the frame.


And now my pic,


Is not the same.


The damage done,


For fleeting fame.


Don't they know,


It's not a game.


For me.







Why the hell should I drop to my knees?




Every time that someone says: "Say cheese!"



I'm a guy with things to do.


So tell me who the hell are you,


To order me a-round,


Without a qualm.


I now must look for phones or else,


They yell: "Pho-o-tobomb!"


"You photobombed!"



I realize,


It might sound crass.


But you can blow,


It out your ass.


And since I'm sure,


You'll throw a fit.


Why don't you,


Go sit on it,


And twirl.







Hills, famous for housing lots of ghosts.




Funny cause that's where it happens most.



Many stayed there overnight.


Some headed to the great big light.


St. Peter waited there,


Offering calm.


The ot-hers are still here, and make,


The worst pho-o-tobombs.


Yeah, photobombs.



Hey, I don't care


Why they're inclined,


To frighten folks,


Out of their mind.


But why do ghouls,


Jump in the scene.


Breaking rules.


So awfully mean,


To me.







I'll confess that guilty is my plea.


Come on, dude.


Recall that it's you who came to me.



While the dead all welcome you.


There's something we wish you would do,


To make for happy times,


Here at our home.


We munch down on the snot. So you,


Can stop the photobombs.


No photobombs!



A gi-ant nose,


With all-ergies,


We ghosts all know,


Will surely please.


We've gotta way,


To make them sneeze.


Tour their sin-


nus cavities,


What joy!







George Reeves had used


Them in Hollywoodland.       [Note: Accents deviates from the source.]


Those photobombs,


Got George better film roles,


Like Man.




The End


Copyright Michael Kimbro 2017.  All rights reserved.



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