Pimp & Ho – The Duet


Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Structure:  Accent points align for all 8 verses, except the word “purgatory”.


Read along to my Spoken Verse Performance!



VERSE 1 – female vox


New Orleans,


How I loved New Orleans.


I was fresh off the farm Alabama.


And I wrote home to my Mama.


That I’d found a man straight from my dreams.



VERSE  2 – male vox


Red hot lovers.


We were such red hot lovers.


For my girl it was all kind of new.


Got a tongue stud and tattoo.


Felt we’d known each other for so long.



VERSE 3 – female vox


El Paso,


How I hate EL Paso.


Left the Big Easy when they discovered,


That he had a past that was checkered.


But I chose to pretend nothing’s wrong.



BRIDGE 1 - male vox


She was a real cool lady.


Nice car and kinda cute.


Her friends were somewhat shady,


But I didn’t give a hoot.



Then the police came to book her,


For some unknown misdeeds.


Turns out she was a hooker,


And I’d been living off the proceeds


Of a prostitute.



VERSE 4 – female vox


I got real sick.


New job but I got real sick.


I missed eight days which pissed off my boss.


So he let me go, what a loss.


And our rent was way past the third day.



VERSE 5 – male vox


So I pimped her.


Things got tight so I pimped her.


I’d say:  You’ve got a keen eye for beauty.


How’d you like to tap that booty?


For two benjamins two hours play.



BRIDGE 2 – female vox


My legs were always long and slim,


So I tried to dance the pole.


But they said I had no sense of rhythm,


So he put me out on the stroll.



Drugs made it feel more like a sport,


Which was something I could stand.


But I had no doubt if I came up short,


I’d feel the sting of his pimp hand.



VERSE 6 – female vox




First offense probation.


But there’s no leavin’ El Paso county.


If I do they’ll place a bounty.


Life’s a bitch, makes me wanna sob.



VERSE 7 – male vox


So I left her.


Could not stay, so I left her.


To the court system she was a felon.


And I won’t go back to prison.


So I left her there, out of a job.



VERSE 8 – As a duet


That’s our story


Won’t you learn from our story.


Get a full back ground check on your lover.


Or one day you might just discover,


That your life is much like purgatory.





Both - Pimp and Ho


Both - Pimp and Ho


Both - Pimp and Ho


Male vox - She takes care of a john’s needs


Female vox - He just lives off the proceeds


Female vox - You might try the oldest gig


Male vox - If you can’t dance the pole, you dig?


Male vox - When her inspiration’s running low


Female vox - He’s got motivation for his ho.


Male vox – So shirk off the drugs


Male vox – And give the straight life a try.


Female vox – Or work for a thug


Female vox – Who wants to blacken your eye.


Both – You decide which way to go.


Both - Pimp and Ho


Both - Pimp and Ho


Both - Pimp and Ho



The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2013.  All rights reserved.


Keywords: Poems about pimps, Prostitution poetry, Verses about prostitutes.