Pippin’ Ain’t Easy


A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





We’re kickin’ back at a crib


Where the food always pleases.


They smoke up baby back ribs,


Served with Mac in Three Cheeses.





We keep the banter light.


While enjoying a beverage.


We talk soccer and life.


But not banking and leverage.





Then what’s on the screen


Makes us think that we’re trippin’.


Is it true we have seen,


A new group that is pippin’,


On that SNL show?





Where once was a scowl.


Now a smile’s on our face.


So we jump up and howl


And do the hustle in place.


Because we know…


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



Verse 5


Playin’ the Friday night show,


At a local tribe's Casino.


Singing the hits from long ago.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



The lead’s voice can still please.


They back him up with harmonies,


Just like it was in the Seventies.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.





They sing and dance in line.


Cause it helps their fans to unwind.


But every backup singer knows…


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



On one thing we can agree,


It’s the choreography,


That truly makes it a show.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



VERSE 7 - The O’Jays




What they doin’!?!?!?!?!?!


They performin’ on the stage.


At a geriatric age.


They’re The O'Jays.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



They have taken their game


To the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame


They’re The O’Jays


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



VERSE 8 - The Chi-Lites


Next up are The Chi-Lites.


These brothers are dynamite.


With voices smooth and sweet as honey.


Pippin’ ain’t easy,


Pippin’ sure ain’t easy.



But their writing skills were strong.


Beyonce covered lots of their songs.


Which earned them all that royalty money.


Pippin’ ain’t easy,


Pippin’ sure ain’t easy.



VERSE 9 - The Temptations


No, it’s not just your imagination.


Next up are The Temptations.


Motown’s vibe these boys defined.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



Their dance moves are tight


And the vocal grooves are outta sight.


Singing ‘bout Papa, My Girl and Cloud Nine.


Yeah baby, Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



VERSE 10 - Gladys Knight and The Pips


Now’s the right time to discuss


The boys who backed up Gladys.


Made us cry with “Neither One of Us”.


Pippin’s hard, yeah, but they went far.



But this white boy will attest,


They were at their pippin’ best,


Aboard that “Midnight Train to Georgia”.


Pippin’ ain’t easy, Woo! Woo!


Pippin’ ain’t easy.



VERSE 11 - The Whispers


When I'm watchin' The Whispers,


At sea, on a Soul Train Cruise.


They're not calling me to vespers.


They're shoutin' out rhythm and blues.



But I suggest y'all better get ready.


These guys want us to "Rock Steady".


So y'all remember, as "The Beat Goes On",


Pippin' ain't easy.


Pinnin' ain't easy.



VERSE 12 - Bruno Mars


Now that the pippin stars


Are a bit long in the tooth.


We look to Bruno Mars


He’s still got lots of youth.



Yeah, Bruno’s here to assure,


That the dance moves live on.


That pippin’ feeling endures!


No, it ain’t dead and gone.


But pippin' ain't easy.


Pippin' ain't easy.





With all that singing and choreography,


On one thing we have got to agree.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


Pippin’ ain’t easy.


The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2015. All rights reserved.


Here's Chrome Dome Mike at Churchill Down during Thurby 2019, 2 days before the Kentucky Derby.