RUSSERICA                     [Part 2 of my Russia Trilogy]


Here's a Russerican flag idea which I'd like to run up the flag pole.

An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Consider reading along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Just last week, in Helsinki town,


Two leaders met face to face,


To demonize election meddling.



One man added a gem to his crown.


The other waited 'til he left that place,


Then, surprise, he started back peddling.





Since January of last year,


That's been Trump's SOP.


Is it wrong to expect much more?



His staff all live in fear,


As do officials of the GOP.


Here's a fix which they ought to explore.





The sun never sets.


On the land of Russerica.


I'm placing my bets,


On the land of Russerica.





Way back in the day,


When realms had disputes,


They were solved through A royal wedding.



That might still be the way.


Let's merge our best attributes.


A safer world is what we'll be getting.







That's the name I've chosen.


Cause it reflects our synergy.





So much of it's frozen.


But it's chock-full of energy.





Once we're together we'll unite,


Our cabinets of liquor.


We'll have some vodka and yummy Lite beer.


Marker's Mark, from winter wheat.


Just like Standard Gold.  Pretty sweet.


So let's pop a top,


And drink to Russerica.





Once we join forces,


Including natural resources,


Ours will be the grandest nation.



When we have that Russian oil,


The Mid-East can just over boil,


The way John says in Revelation.


Assuming you're into predestination.


No, there ain't nothin' we can do about it.





How power is to be divided,


Seems pretty darn clear to me.


The standard on which I've decided,


Is, of course, per capita GDP.





We won't need lots of troops,


When we have so many nukes.


Yeah, we won't need to be protected,



From our buddies on the other side,


Of the Bering Straight divide.


So we'll have our missiles redirected.





The sun never sets.


On the land of Russerica.


I'm placing my bets,


On the land of Russerica.





We won't need allies.


And when it comes to NATO,


I doubt we'd get along any worse.



We'll cut our UN ties,


And all the G6 need to know,


Is contained within the lines of my verse.





There is one thing for certain:


Spys from behind the iron curtain,


Will top our intelligence consortium.



Boris and Natasha will be tryin',


To educate our handsome Jack Ryan,


On how to administer polonium [210].





We could still proceed,


Should our West Coast secede,


They're looking for an excuse, don't you know.



If tensions became hotter,


Over the scarce commodity: water.


We might just redirect the Colorado.





The sun never sets,


On the land of Russerica.


I'm placing my bets,


On the land of Russerica.


It's gonna be as good as it gets!


The great land of Russerica.


The End


Copyright Michael Kimbro 2018.  All rights reserved.