She Chose Nashville Over Me                [Part 2 of my Tennessee Trilogy]


Original song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Structure scheme:  Accent points align for all 5 verses.


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance





There's a place called


Middle Tennessee.


Where streets are gold,


And the fruit's always ripe.


But the dangers are numerous,


And I doubt you'll find it humorous, 


When your love leaves you for the hype.





Next to third base,


Every single game,


In Atlanta,


Where the Braves play ball.


But my summer’s not sunny,


After hearing from my honey.


Concerning her plans for the Fall.





We were seniors,


And we “ruled the school”.


Me, All-District,


Her, a leader of cheer,


But it’s all just a memory.


After saying no to Emory,


Where will she spend her freshman year?


A napkin from the Western Room at The Embers building on Printers Alley in Nashville, Tennessee.




She left Atlanta and me,


For Nashville, Tennessee.


My girl would write the tune.


While I helped out with the verses. 


Now I'm howlin’ at the moon,


While each night she rehearses,


On what's left of Printer's Alley.


Yeah, she choose Nashville over me.





I just received


A goodbye kiss,


Said she’s bereaved,


And I’ll be missed.


But still she go-ooo-o-ooo-oes…



BRIDGE #2 - A soulful instrumental



BRIDGE #3 - Optional, spoken verse


So she picked Nashville, Tennessee?


If she's in Nashville, why not me?


Behold, my ACT standardized test results for a test taken in 1974.


If I helped myself, so would the Lord.


But Vandy's dean was not impressed.


And the Belmont folks wished I had scored,


A whole lot higher on my English test.



But my college ambitions,


Meant a school that's first rate.


So I met with admissions,


At noted Nashville State.


Who said, "Maybe next year, we'll see."


So she'll do Nashville without me?


Nashville is famous for it's delicious hot fried chicken, such as that served by Helen's Hot Chicken.



Heck no!  I'd never throw in the towel,


Not with Murfreesboro being so close.


But my reading there was received with a scowl,


Is "Blood Red Moon" really all that gross?



While not sure from where I'll be an alumni,


My minor is certain:  Bourbon Mixology.


Which means that I probably shouldn't apply,


Where classes begin with "The Doxology."


Behold the logo of the Sigma Tau Delta fraternaty, the international English Honor Society.


For the "Man of Letters" title I yearned,


Or be a Sigma Tau Delta leader. 


But the Lane College faculty were very concerned,


That my last book read was "My Weekly Reader".


A building on the grounds of Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.


Got to meet with the Pres, at UT Martin.


Assured him that no one would be offended.


But "Grandpa Power" has a verse about fartin',


So my full ride offer was rescinded.



Things looked good at Fisk. After spittin' some flows,


Got to hang with their writer in residence.


But then she explained how they favor prose,


And feared I might set a bad precedence.



Felt my prospects better at Tennessee Tech,


But on their one to ten scale, I got a six.


Claimed my command of our language was suspect.


Ain't that what college is supposed to fix?


Taken during one of my regular trips to Tennessee, here is a photo of the author standing at the entrance of the office of financial aid at Vanderbilt University. I chose this building because it was close to the road, and because the English Department seems to all be in the Science Building, which some how messed with the vibe, or so it seemed on that lovely September day.


"Not one mention of a clit or a nipple!"


The Lipscomb dean lauded: "A sign of good taste!"


Hey, it's not that I'm an erotic cripple.


I just haven't gotten past first base.



Rhodes knew I killed at Poetry Out Loud.


Read them Gales' lyrics: "Handwriting On The Wall".


Then heard: "Son, you have every right to be proud.


But this is English.  Theater Arts is down the hall."



Knocked 'em out at Memphis, with a haiku,


Which the department chair added to his playlist.


But my last eight girlfriends had eyes of sky blue,


Which suggested I could be a racist.



The Chattanooga dean opened his door,


"Lake Sakakawea" got his toe tappin'.


My fashion works made him roll on the floor.


His decision: "It's not gonna happen."



The chair at King read my dissertation plan.


It's title: "Milton - Through the Redneck Lens."


When he said a better fit might be Carson-Newman,


I knew then I hadn't made any friends.


Image Title: Milton with a Mullet


Stopped off in Knoxville, with a letter from Satan.


Yeah, their admissions demands are mighty hard.


But Mom misread the form.  It said a letter from Peyton.


Thanks, Mom!  I could have been the Volunteer Bard.



Now I'm back home, with a heart that's broken.


Suspecting true love is out of reach.


Then I recall the words my Pa had spoken:


"Go on and pick another Georgia Peach."





She would close out,


With a rockin’ song.


My lyrics fresh,


But she stole all the chords.


And her class mates made fun of her,


Cause she borrowed “One World's tablature.


So said the music overlords.


A building on the main campus of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.




Got a heads up.


So I texted her,


That she still was,


The one this man adores.


Then I asked: “What’s ya doin’?”


Said she knew she'd be a Bruin.


For at least four years, maybe more.





She left Atlanta and me,


For Nashville, Tennessee.


My babe would write the tune.


While I helped out with the verses. 


Now I'm howlin’ at the moon,


While each night she rehearses,


On what's left of Printer's Alley.


Yeah, she choose Nashville over me.






Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2016. All rights reserved.



Ms. Paula Hahnert of Louisville, Kentucky standing before a sign at the entrance of Hattie B's Hot Chicken, which some consider to be the best hot chicken in Nashville, Tennessee.
























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