Stand Up For Mother Earth


Song Lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


These are lyrics for the classical tone poem "Salut d'Amour" by Edward Elgar.


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VERSE 1 & 2 Music Sample



Life in itís many forms a mystery.


It lives on land in the air and in the sea.


But now all our actions surely guarantee,




Is doing more harm than itís worth.





The Earth is a precious present that He gave.


When we ignite fossil fuels we misbehave.


Believe that it will be our selves that we save.


We must be brave,


And stand up for our Mother Earth.



BRIDGE Music Sample



There comes a time when we must make a change.


If we donít ozone holes will replace acid rain.


How can we say no?  This is not the time to flake.


Time is now cause itís for our childrenís sake.



VERSE 3 Music Sample



Far in the future man will still be here.


NaÔve that our total demise came so near.


So glad their forefathers didnít live in fear.


Time for rebirth



VERSE 3 Music Sample

VERSE 3 (Alternative #1)


Folks in the heart land take it all in stride.


For some, climate changes are not true and tried.


They'll wait til the coasts are covered at high tide.


By salty surf.



VERSE 3 Music Sample

VERSE 3 (Alternative #2)


Pres. Donald picked a crappy cab-i-net,


With all of the lobbyists that he could get.


Next year, if we vote him out, then we'll be set.


And no more tweets.



VERSE 3 Music Sample

VERSE 3 (Alternative #3)


Hey, guess we shouldn't really get annoyed.


Bird flu will soon get us, or an asteroid.


While slow, every zombie you will not avoid.


So just give up.





CLOSING Music Sample  


The End


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