Sturgis Belle of the Ball 


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Consider reading along to my Spoken Verse Performance.



It might help you to know,


My dating activity is low.


But for 2 weeks each year,


My social life's in high gear.


I tell my home town goodbye,


In the last week of July.


So the first part of August


My dating life will be robust.


I jump into my Toyota,


And drive up to South Dakota.


Back home, in grays, behind a desk.


Here my style is more burlesque.


At the counter of a coffee shop.


Sales are better in a halter top.


When my half shift ends at nightfall,


I feel like the Belle of the Ball.


Strolling Sturgis in leather and lace,


Happy to say I'm right in place.


Often called a Biker Rally Babe.


By men who favor Lone Wolf McQuade.


Some say that I'd be quite a catch.


Most proclaimed to be unattached.


A married guy said: "It's all good."


But his 'understanding' wasn't understood,


Back at home, by his wifey dear.


Message on his phone made that clear:


"How's the weather up there in Fargo?"


She was no doubt a Harley widow.


Not the widow which comes from a death.


Until he rides with whiskey breath.


In Deadwood, last year, a guy passed on.


Tore up the bike that he crashed on.


Left nothing to his poor wife, Sally.


State Farm's fee spent on the Bike Rally.


So, whether at Sturgis or Daytona,


Myrtle Beach or Arizona.


Tend to your business before you leave,


Or your Harley widow may not grieve.


She might even speak ill of the dead.


So prepare for the worst, like I said.


Anyway, if you get to Bike Week,


I hope you find the fun that you seek.



The End.



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2018.  All rights reserved.