Swimming With The Sharks


An original Poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Consider reading along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





While brochures maintain that your spirits will soar,


When shark swimming. Yeah, you'll feel like a hero.


The experience just might end in this score:


Lowly Nurse Shark 1 - Silly Human 0.





Not long ago, I was busy dish washing,


When I fumbled my prized Cardinal cup.


In the other room, from a show I was watching,


Came a sound clip which really shook me up.





It sounded like, they were giving accolades,


To places with pools of water from the ocean.


Then nurses came there to swim like mermaids.


Intrigued to the max, that's when I got a notion.





If I got out there and swam with a nurse,


To conquer a demon that's in my thoughts.


I'm fairly certain that I would immerse,


My unreasonable fear of getting shots.





I crossed over the Gulf of Mexico,


For a place known for golf and calypso.


Hoping to fight becoming unhinged,


At the very sight of a plastic syringe.


The anxiety made me feel a little sick,


When nurses warned I'd feel a little prick.


I just can't help howling like a beagle,


Whenever I'm stabbed with a steely needle.


I have the chance to conquer my fear,


Of shots in my arm, or in my rear.


Soon all this dread would no doubt subside.


Maybe then I'd regain my manly pride.


But before I swam with an angel of mercy.


I learned of an aquatic controversy.


Instead of getting the swim of my wishes.


It appears I'll only swim with some fishes.





Once landed, my need for answers was urgent.


The taxi took me straight to the water park.


Next trip I'm gonna use a travel agent.


There weren't any nurses, only nurse sharks.





I feasted my eyes on next level weirdness.


A guy was out there filming his companion.


After his lady started acting all fearless,


Things soon got worse than you can imagine.





Putting man eaters with a bunch of fools,


Was an idea worse than smoking tobacco.


This had to top the running of the bulls,


For every Shark Week aficionado.





Is arrogance or stark madness at play,


When you think that sharks won't do any harm.


Yeah, the fishy figured it was his lucky day,


When the goofy gal offered it her arm.





Chomp, chomp.


The whole scene's kinda whack.


Chomp, chomp.


Common sense they did lack.


Chomp, chomp.


It wasn't an attack.


Chomp, chomp.


She offered it a snack.


Chomp, chomp.


And then she swam back.


Thank God that she escaped.


But where was all the blood?


Yeah, her arm did look scraped.


But let me tell you bud,


As shark attacks go,


That one was a dud.





And the moral of the story is:


Whenever you book an expensive flight,


That "shit happens" is a truth you must face.


The trip won't be a bust, if you have the foresight,


To bring along shark repellent, just in case.



The End



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2017.  All rights reserved.