Here's a pic of a devilish blonde demon.

The Devilís Muse


Song Lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Structure:  Accent points align for all 4 verses, with a noted exception in the 4th verse.


Consider reading along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





I tried to write a song.


But I was in an awful drought.


The music came out wrong.


So on my knees I shouted out.



To the man upstairs.


In my time of need.


I fought back the despair.


I was hopiní that heíd...



Send me a muse.


To help me with my rhymes.


A heavenly muse.


Just like in ancient times.


To put my song in the groove,


I need some help to improve.


So I won't have an excuse,


I need a muse.





It seemed that I was cursed.


I wouldnít ever be a star.


When things were at their worst,


I had to pawn my old guitar.



Then who should appear,


It was Lucifer.


Told me that I neednít fear,


Said he was there to assure...



Iíd get me a muse.


To help me with my rhymes.


My very own muse.


Just like in ancient times.


If I was ready for 'The Bigs',


Miss Erato was between gigs.     [Note:  pronounced ER-at-O, the Greek muse of erotic poetry and song]


But I best not try to seduce...


The Devil's Muse.





She walked right through the door.


Her hair was blonde and skin was tanned.

@  Hair was brunette and skin was tanned.


A leggy six foot four.


A leather whip was in her hand.



Then she said to me:


"Here's what I'm proposing.


 If you ever screw with me,


Youíll soon be de-composing.Ē



ďSo now Iím your muse.


Iíll help you with your rhymes.


A Satanic muse.


And know your ass is mine.



Go on and scream for your mammy,


But until you win a Grammy.


Or end it all with a noose.


I'm your muse."





If your muse is a dear,


Then you'll have to excuse me.


Mine's got a horn above each ear.


And she likes to abuse me.



Let me tell you, friend,


She can make you jump.


When you feel the business end,


Of her steel toed pump.



My worst mess up was,


Just a line that I mis-chorded.


I remember it Ďcause,


She had me water boarded.



Of my tunesmith talent,


She liked to scoff.


So Iíd call her Musy-Wusy,


Just to piss her off.



I used to be a hack,


She wonít let me forget it.


I always seemed to get off track.


Guess Iíll give her some credit.



I didnít have a clue,


That singers like to sing,


The vowel A, E, I, O, U,


And sometimes Y & Ďingí.



Sure my songís a hit,


Still my craft isnít mastered.


Cause the way I see it.


Iím just a lucky bastard.



BRIDGE 2 Ė sung by the muse


So your verses are thrilliní.


But theyíre just poetry.


Even Guthrie and Dylan,


Know the chorus is the key.



So you gotta be more williní,


LISTEN, than you seem to be.


To craft refrains more fulfilliní,


Thatíll set your lyrics free!



So apply all your skill aní,


Time to I, O, U, A and E.


Write a chorus thatís killiní


Then watch the divas scream on key.





Once I was worse than alone,


Just wishin' I could call it quits.


We softened up our tone,


And became friends with benefits.



Now Iíve got it all


Yeah, I won that Grammy.


My kids will be nice and tall,


Just like their mutant mammyÖ  [Note: accent shift on mammy]



Who still is my muse.


She helps me with my rhymes.


But more than a muse.


Her loviní blows my mind.



And now Iíve learned not to doubt her.


Iíd be a lost soul without her.





But someone else deserves credit.


Iím sure heíll make me regret it.



Now that I can write a hook,


Olí Satanís O K in my book.



He put me on the express!


Iím thanking you, Prince of Darkness.



The devil came to my aid.


And with my soul heís repaid.



The one who showed me the love.


Was Mister B. L. Zebub.



Letís raise our arms now and pauseÖ.


Iíve come this far just becauseÖ



I put up with that abuse from...



The devil's muse.


Pic of my personal muse, Claire Forlani, taken from the TV series Camelot.


The End.



Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2013.  All rights reserved.




Note:  My muse for this effort was the actor Claire Forlani >>>>>>>