The Godparents


A Poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Dedicated to Gary and Barbara, fine friends and groovy godparents


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Iím writing an episode of CSI,


Where the suspects are the son and daughter.


But the detectives canít prove the reason why,


The kids might have had it in for their father.





In no time flat, the whole story goes viral,


Covered by CBS, CNN, and, of course, TMZ.


Two handsome kids caught in a downward spiral,


Better yet, I'll write the dad as a celebrity.





But the father had faults, as he often broke wind,


After a big bowl of his black eye'd bean bisque.


And while his sense of humor could offend,


Why would the kids put their freedom at risk?





Detectives drive to a town not far from here,


So the godparentsí statements can be taken.


The home on Westbury makes it quite clear,


That godfather Gary could bring home the bacon.





But the cops know if there is to be a booking.


In this case, they will need a big break.


Then they find the motive in the godmother's cooking,


Cause Barb gives them a slice of Milky Way cake.  ("Yep, it's to die for.")





The DA then creates the most unique of trials,


When he serves up Barbís Trifle to the jury.


The guilty verdict is insured with 12 big smiles.


So they deliberate and head home in a hurry.





And the moral of the story isÖ


So go on and choose a godparent or two.


For your childrenís baptism or first communion.


But if your kids prefer the godparents to you,


With your ancestors you might have a reunion.



The End.



Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2013. All rights reserved.



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