The Ones Who Call Their Own Plays        [Part 1 of my Legal Trilogy]


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





In the game of pigskin football,


I've studied every player in The Hall.


Take those chosen to lead the attacks,


I'm referring to the quarterbacks.





Many qualities are found in the best,


But clearly one ranks above the rest.


The QB's who deserve the most praise,


Are the ones who call their own plays.





In the real world, attorneys must do,


What their paying clients tell them to.


Exceptions arise if work is pro-bono.


Or if one party has starred in a porno.





Like if sexy Stormy Daniels came forward,


With a story which would leave voters bothered.


One lawyer felt that, amongst his duties,


Was shutting up this actress, from the nudies.


Here's a meme about place of lawyers at all levels of the Trump Organization and the Trump White House.




The lawyer got her to agree to a pact.


Knowing "DD" need not sign the contract.


An exhibition of true self reliance.


But it takes lots of cash to buy silence.





Pawning his home is how money was raised.


Getting paid back didn't seem to have him phased.


Decades from now, in Poly-Sci, will be taught,


This case study on how elections are fought.





But there are certain times when lay henchmen,


Are required to do what lawyers recommend.


Like when oval office conversations,


Are as toxic as nuclear radiation.





When clients need lawyers to baby-sit,


Recordings must be locked up, lickety split.


Unless transcripts show the purpose was benign,


Others in the room should lawyer up, and resign.





Death Wish!


Death Wish!


Let's talk about Rudy's Death Wish!


Only one has the quality that puts him at the top.


But it's not a burning drive which never let's him stop.


He makes other fixers simply scratch their heads,


Intrigued as to why it is, that Rudy isn't dead.


At the very least, of common sense he has taken leave.


Hanging out, for months on end, primarily in Kyiv.


While telling the world that Ukraine has evidence,


Which would increase poor old Rudy's relevance.


That he still breathes, makes us question certain facts.


Yeah, Ukrainians are actually chill to the max.


Should I suggest bourbon causes cancer, in Kentucky,


I would do it 3 whole days, that's if I were lucky.


I'm thinking, "He poked the bear!" would be my epitaph,


Even if The Pres' made clear that I worked on his behalf.





Lawyer's know that setting up LLC's,


Is helpful when clients wish to make decrees.


And if peach ambassadorships are bought,


Multiple fake firms make it hard to get caught.





When the goal is Japan, or the E. U.,


What's an unqualified swamp creature to do?


Being a liege's Ukrainian presence,


Adds credence to demands of corrupt presidents.





So our Commander in Chief's rep is protected,


Taking one for the team is expected.


Don't question if Trump thinks that it's great.


On Twitter, his lawyers collaborate.





Final drafts are posted under one name,


So his loyal fans think they're one and the same.


These are four examples of why, these days,


The greatest lawyers call their own plays.





Please don't assume that I am including,


Lawyers with whom reality is feuding.


They deserve a nod, cause you know it took guts.


Expressing beliefs that make them sound nuts.



The End.



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2019 and 2021.  All rights reserved.



PS - I sometimes include what I call "poetic remnants" following a work.  These are passages which didn't make the cut, for whatever reason.


Here's a racy poetic remnant from this poem:





I keep lots of one's, because there's a chance,


Stormy could stop in the Bluegrass to dance.


Hey, it's called "ART" when dancers aren't fondled.


Unlike sessions on screen, or with The Donald.



And after the election which toppled our former President Trump, inspiration continues in the form of the Georgia voter disenfranchisement plot at the US Department of Justice. And to think that a plan so Machiavellian might have been swept under the rug of history.



VERSE - "Georgia On My Mind"


You have to know attorney's passions flared,


When Georgia vote overturning thoughts were aired.


Now ol' Trump is gone, it can be revealed,


But one guy would rather "leave it on the field."



OK.  Thanks for your time and consideration.