The Smirk


A respresentation of a Covington (Kentucky) Catholic High School student wearing a Donald Trump inspired red MAGA cap.

An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





In D. C., there was a confrontation,


Which, with the help of fake twitter accounts,


Attracted the attention of our great nation.


But which opponent would we denounce?





The older was Native American.


A group looked down on by the bigoted.


He probably played percussion in the band.


Though his drum kit that day was limited.





Pressed on, no doubt, by safety in numbers,


Did the younger know what he was doin'?


Was it a master stroke or a blunder,


Being in character as Coach Jon Grudin?





But the upbringing of most in the jury,


Favors an elder over a jerk.


Which is why some were in a hurry,


To pass judgment on the one with the smirk.



The End



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2019.  All rights reserved.


Keywords: Poems about Covington Catholic High School, March For Life Poetry, Lyrical verses about a total lack of respect for other human beings.