The Two-A-Day Blues


Original poetry by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Consider reading along to my Spoken Verse Performance.


North Phoenix High School cross country and track coach Ron Houser.




Can we discuss, almighty coach,


At the risk of earning A reproach,


My failure to give 100 percent?



I don't mind interval training.


But ten quarters can be draining,


And above 95 degrees, it's torment. 






Yeah, I missed evening practice.


And it's true, I'm not focused.


On the reason you want us to run.



A runner's high is what I seek,


Yet you sent us up Squaw Peak.


A landmark of the Valley of the Sun.

The Arizona State Cross Country Championship results for the year 1971 - 1972, which was run in Tuscon, Arizona. 





It's clear that you're still poutin',


Cause we lost to South Mountain.


The only team you haven't beaten yet.



We all know that victory's sweet.


But in the Arizona heat,


I wish you'd learn to forgive and forget.





When I'm in prep or high school,


Here's the late workout bye rule.


Assuming I did an A.M. run.


I keep the blues away,


By passing on two-a-days.


Assuring my summer time fun.





If you wanna know the secret,


To an August you won't regret.


Or live in fear of dehydration.



I could drink in mass quantity,


Or skip a practice of low quality,


Much to my coach's consternation.





You don't want your mid-summer,


To be nothing but of a bummer.


Reduced to 3 things: Eat, Run, and Sleep.



When a doctor's note makes it clear,


That your dehydration was severe.


All a coach can say is: "Son of a 'bleep'."





When you're in prep or high school,


Here's the late workout bye rule.


Assuming you got in a morning run.


You'll keep the blues away,


By passing on two-a-days.


Assuring your summer time fun.





Camelback High is the very first meet.


Kicking their butts is gonna be sweet.


Even if coach dropped me down to J.V.



But at mile one I'm feeling gassed.


And at mile two I'm fading fast.


Then down the stretch I'm getting passed.


And there's no one to blame but me.



I get it.  Our sport is filled with strife.


That cross country is a metaphor for life.


Work through the pain, then you'll be free.





Some say hindsight's 20-20,


But loosing like that wasn't funny.


In fact, it made me feel like a fool.



Who cares if the temps are scorching.


When you look over and see who's watching:


The coolest chick in the entire school.





When you're in prep or high school,


Please ignore that workout bye rule.


Even if you did an A.M. run.


You'll keep the blues away,


By loving those two-a-days.


Every stride will be summer time fun.





Copyright Michael Kimbro 2017.  All rights reserved.


The cover of the bulletin for the annual Luke Greenway Track Meet, featuring the North High 5-minute mile club members, and signature by teammate Trini Balderrama and USA Olympic Team Member George Young.