Pic of a couple rows of slot machines at a casino somewhere in America.

This Town Needs a Casino


Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Structure scheme:  All 4 verse's accent points align.


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Momma cried the day


She found dice in my pocket.


So I left that way


As if shot like a rocket. 


A winning hand my holy grail


Yes Iíve been to church and jail,


And everywhere in between - O. (tap, tap, tap)


This town needs a casino.





When the week was through


We needed recreation.


So like the wind we flew


Out to the reservation.


To kick up our heals,


And have us a brew,


With the Choctaw, Chickasaw,


and the Kickapoo.





Craviní whatís between


Ďlantic City and Reno.


Constant change of scene


From this old Ford Torino.


While I donít mean to be unkind,


Iíve just gotta speak my mind.


From everything that I've seen - O, (tap, tap, tap)


This town needs a casino.





When my mojoís strong


Iíve got the need to play.


But the journeyís long


On that Hound so Gray.


In the name of civic improvement,


All Iím tryiní to say,


Is why not have some amusement,


Here on Northwest Highway.





Driving town to town,


Lonely miles I canít deny.


When the sun goes down,


Carnal needs to satisfy.


While Lady Luck is my missus.


Sheís not giving me kisses.


You gotta know what I mean Ė O. (tap, tap, tap)


This town needs a casino.





The time wasted in route,


Lord itís a pity.


To Durant, Thackerville,


or to Bossier City.


Think of the fun


We could be having back there.


As weíre riding this bus,


And Iím sayiní a prayer...








Think this lifeís for you?


Iíve been at it for a spell.


And as if on cue,


I found new ways to rebel .


And though Iím not the same young man,


Now Iím working on a plan,


So we can all play keno.   (tap, tap, tap)


This town needs a casino.


The End


Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2012.  All rights reserved.