Train Down Town


Song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


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These are lyrics for the intro to the Empire Falls soundtrack by Paul Grabowsky


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First Music Sample



Back on the train down town


Watching her walk down the isle.


As she…


Glanced my way then sat down.


With such style.



Second Music Sample



But I can’t say:  “Howdy do?”


‘til she smiles.


Third Music Sample



Yet on the train I feel such joy and hope in my heart…


Oh what a start.


Fourth Music Sample



My life is clean floors and flags unfurled.


Her life is diamonds, and black pearls.


Gems cerise,


A fine swiss time piece.


Yeah, we’re from different worlds.


Fifth Music Sample 



No more train rides each day


Got a new job near my home, yeah.


Still think of what


May have been, with a poem.



The End.



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