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Height: 5’11"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Main Foot: Right





     Senior at Grapevine High School (2003-2004)

         Grapevine, Texas

     A-B Honor Roll

     Student Council President

     Student Body President





Select Club Record:

1997-2002 Seasons:  '86 American Eagles Soccer Club

North Dallas CC Soccer Association

Position: Goalkeeper

Coach:  Mick Tiiman,  Manager:  Pat Horvath

High School Record:

2003-2004   Grapevine High School Soccer - Men's Varsity Soccer

               Position: Goalkeeper2004 Boys Texas All-District 5-5A Soccer Team, 1st Team, including Marshall Kimbro, Shea Salinas, Colt David, Thomas Maxwell of Colleyville Heritage, Bob Ewell, Andrew Sanchez, Aaron Chibli, Andrew Kimmel and Grapevine Head Coach Heath Bullard.

               Achievements:  Varsity Letter, All-District 5-5A First Team

               Varsity Coach:  Heath Bullard

               Assistant Coach:  Yannis Brownell

2004 Grapevine High School Mustangs Varsity Soccer Team: Lane Garman, Colt David, Cal Walsh, Josh Crooks, John Martinez, Tyler Trenkle, Shea Salinas, Derek Royer, Benjamin Smith, Chris Ross, Jared Lee, Dustin Cherry, Kevin Brolan, Marshall Kimbro, Jason Lyman, Head Coach Heath Bullard

2002-2003  Took the Year Off From Grapevine Soccer to Focus on Student CouncilBumper Sticker for Grapevine, TX High School Soccer teams.

2001-2002  Grapevine High School Boys Varsity Soccer

(injured much of season with broken arm sustained in Northwest HS match)

               Position: Goalkeeper

               Varsity Coach:  Heath Bullard 

               Achievements:  Varsity Letter

2000-2001  Grapevine High School Soccer, Boy's Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer

               Position: Goal keeper

               Varsity Coach:  Heath Bullard        JV-1 Coach:  Yannis Brownell

               Achievements:  Varsity Letter and JV-1 Leadership Award

ODP Record: North Texas Soccer 1986 Boys State Pool for 2000 - Sam Acker, Adriel Adibi, James Allen, Levi Allen, Brandon Arrington, Kevin Aul, Salomon Barahona, Brent Beavan, Michael Bongardner, Cesar Cerijo, Evan Cohen, Cole Dietz, Nicholas Edward, Share Elsner, Blake Evatt, Kyle Fritz, Garrett Gable, Casey Gold, Ryan Goldblatt, David Gomez, Andrian Guzman, Jeffery Harwell, Derek Humphery, Cesar Jasso, Andrew Jones, Kenneth Kelly Jr., Marshall, Kevin Mackey, Patrick Madsen, Adam Majorie, Johnathan Marzoq, Trey McCord, Lee Nguyen, Richard Oliva, Adeniyi Osinowo, Austin Peel, Alec Perea, Ryan Perea, Kyle Presnall, Michael Prince, Shea Salinas, Gabriel Silvas, Richard Stone, Cril Thomas, Tyler Trenkle, Tim Troop, Spencer Wadsworth, Brandon Washington, Jamie Watson, Kenneth Weese, Chase Wileman, Ben Wood, coached by Charles Delong and Hassan Nazari of the Dallas Texans Soccer Club.

January '00 thru May '00 - '86 State Pool

(withdrew due to mother's failing health)

Position: Goalkeeper

Coaches: Charles Delong & Hassan Nazari


December '98-February '99

Hurst/Mid-Cities District '86 ODP Team

Position: Goalkeeper

Coach: Luis Rodenas

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Soccer References

Soccer Skills Training (Field and Goalkeeper):

       Mick Tiiman

Goalkeeper Skills Lessons:     Linda Rink    and     Jim Zakel

Camps:   '01 Joe Machnik's No. 1 Goalkeeper Camp

               '00 Dave Rubinson's TCU Soccer Camp

               '99 Goalkeeper Camp held at University of Dallas during Spring Break

               '98 Joe Machnik's #1 Goalkeeper Camp

Grapevine High School Boy's Varsity Soccer defenders Colt David & Marshall Kimbro prepare for a Corner Kick, Photo Credit: Gregory LaGrange

Photo Credit:  Gregory La Grange @

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Note:  Marshall didn't pursue varsity soccer in college.  This profile is on the web to provide just one example for young players and their parents to contemplate.  There's no right or wrong path to follow on the journey of youth soccer, just be sure to have fun along the way.