Mike Kimbro's Photos, Lists, and Links Page

These are a few of my favorite things, and the paths to them.

Scrapbooks:       Team Kimbro's   ***   Brittany's   ***   Marshall's   ***   My Late Wife Debra's ( #1, #2, & #3 )

Hillman Family     ***      Kimbro Family

Music:    My Favorite Music Pages

Sports:    Windsurfing(1) & (2)       Dirt Biking       Golf        Table Tennis       Soccer      Track & Field

Favorite Celebrities:     Dorothy Hamill     Bill Bradley      Fabien Barthez  

Dave Bedford         Isaiah Thomas         Jason  Kreis         Carl Palmer  

Dave Wottle        Peter Sinfield         Bob 'Hurricane' Hannah

Authors:    Clive Cussler    Paul Erdman     Brian Lumley      Steven King      Jim McLean

Movies:      My Favorite Movies            My Favorite Actors/Actresses/Producers/Directors

Soccer Sites:     FC Dallas - 'The Burn'          MLS

    DFW Boys Classic League           Lake Highland's Girls League   

Misc. Reflections:   Thoughts on Safer Hand Guns 

Let's Fix the Spelling of the English Language Now  

Eliminate Sunglasses & Hats in Television Poker Tournaments

Why I'm A Trailer Hitch Hater  

Professional History:  My Career Overview