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Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 5th 5th
Washington Madison S 0.5 Retail, Rep Joe Barton's Ofc, Suburban Lodge 0.0
Madison Creek Apartments 369
Stone Canyon Apartments
Hidden Valley Apartments 364
Oak Valley Apartments
Madison Lamar/Ave H E 1.0 Whole Foods Market, F/S, 3 dealerships Little Shepards Childer's Ctr 0.3
Knight's Inn, Cypress Chase Apartments 320 Children's World
Bristol Pointe Apartments
Lamar/Ave H Collins E 1.0 0.4
Randy Snow E 1.0 Summer Brook, Summit Ridge Apartments 456 0.8
Carriage House Apartments, The Ponde 532
Cobblestone Apartments 484
Aspen Court Apartments
The Cloisters Condos (?), The Shores Apts 236
Baird Farm E 1.1
Ascension Blvd E 1.0 Hurricane Harbor, Sen. Chris Harris Ofc 0.4
AMF Fun Fest Bowling,Towne Place Suites
Ball Park Way S 1.0 Bank of America Bldg(7 story) 0.7
KSCS Bldg.(6 story), Spring Hill Suites
Ball Park Way/Stadium I-30 overpass S no stop 0.9
Convention Center S 1.0 Arl. Convention Ctr., Sheraton Hotel 2.3
Road to Six Flags S 1.0 The Ballpark-3rd Base Exit 0.5
Arlington Visitors Ctr
Road to Six Flags Magic Mile E Bus. Park 0.9
Road to Six Flags Directors E Six Flags Over Texas, Bus. Park 3.0
Six Flags Dr S AmeriSuites, Baymont Inn, Sleep Inn 0.3
Hilton Homewood Suites, Don Davis Ford
Six Flags Dr Randol Mill E 1.0 3 Centerpoint Bldgs, Holiday Inn Express 0.6
Randol Mill H360 E Don Davis Ford, Office Depot 0.9
106th N 1.0 Six Flags Mall 4.1
Motel 6
106th Glenn N I/P, Post Office 0.4
Gentlemen's Clubs
Ave E/Tarrant Rd E 1.0 I/P 0.6
Ave E/Tarrant Rd 109th E 1.0 I/P 0.9
110th E I/P 5.1
Great S/W Pkwy N 1.0 I/P 0.4
Great S/W Pkwy Ave H/Lamar Blvd E 1.0 I/P 0.8
Ave H/Lamar Blvd 113th E 1.0 I/P 0.9
Duncan Perry S 1.0 s/f, Windridge Apartmnets 720 6.3
Duncan Perry I-30 Overpass S 0.5
Tarrant Rd/Ave E S 1.0 Fox Chase Apartments 557 0.6
Quail Ridge Apartments
January W 1.0 s/f, Sugar Creek Apartments 336 7.0
January/Randol Mill Duncan Perry (DIP) W s/f, I/P 0.2
Randol Mill/January Great S/W Pkwy S 1.0 I/P 0.6
Great S/W Pkwy Dalworth W 1.0 I/P 0.9
Dalworth Six Flags Mall-East Exit W I/P 8.3
Six Flags Mall-East Door S Six Flags Mall, Tinseltown Theaters 0.6
Six Flags Mall-South Exit Division W No Stop 8.8
Division H360 Access Rd South S No Stop 0.3
H360 Access Rd South Abram St W No Stop 0.8
Abram St Sherry W GM Plant, retail 1.3
Oakwood Crossing Apartments 452
1.0 Arlington Village Apartments
Tom Vandergriff Way W GM Gate 11, retail, Tanglewood Apts 80 Zone 4 Kids D/C 0.5
New York Ave S 1.0 Salvation Army Store Abram Head Start 0.8
Meadowbrook Park Golf Course
New York Ave Glenhaven S s/f, Berry Elementry School, Girls Inc.
Mitchell S s/f
Park Row S 1.0 Retail, Arlington WIC & Welfare Offices 3.2
Post Ofc, Sack'n'Save
Goodwill Industries, Elrod's Cost + Foods
Lovers/Craig Hanking S s/f, Police Service Center, Smith Rec Ctr.,
St. Matthews Catholic Church
Pioneer Pkwy S Large Asian Market, New York Inn 4.0
Arkansas Ln W Eckerds, Pebble Creek Apartments ??? JemCare L/C 0.2
Arkansas Ln Browning W 1.0 s/f, Eagle Crest Apartments 280 0.5
Daniel W s/f, Winn-Dixie 0.8
Collins St N Asian Market, Bally Total Fitness 5.2
The Arbors Apts, Stone Ridge Apartments 204
1.0 Waterdance Apartments 302
Collins St Pioneer Pkwy N 0.3
Lovers Lane N s/f, Blanton Elementry School Grace Temple P/S 0.7
Park Row N 1.0 Eckerd, Minor Emergency Clinic 1st Pres. P/S 6.2
Bel-Aire Apartments 90
Mitchell N Carter Junior High School 0.8
Border/UTA W 1.0 s/f, Tarrant Co. Mebus Sub-Courthouse 7.1
Village at Johnson Creek Apartments 140
Border/UTA Mary W 1.0 Chase Bank Bldg (14 story), Post Office Chase Bldg C.C.C. 0.4
Center/Mesquite W 1.0 Arlington City Hall, Library 1st. Baptist C.C.C. 0.6
Frost Bank Bldg (6 story)
Border/UTA Pecan W UTA 0.7
West/Robinson N 1.0 UTA 0.9
West/Robinson Abram N Bus. 8.0
Main N Bus., F/S 0.1
Division N 1.0 Arlington Night Shelter 0.3
Arlington New Beginnings A/L Ctr
Arlington Public Safety Ctr, Retail
Sanford W s/f, apt. 0.5
Sanford Cooper St N 0.5 Tarrant Co Human Services Center 0.7
Cooper St Town North N s/f, Speers Elementry School 9.0
Towne North, Sawyer's Mill Apartments 164
Randol Mill Rd E Arlington Hospital, Kindred Hospital 0.2
Millwood Hospital
Elrod's Cost + Foods, Tarr. Co. Health Ctr
Texas Workforce Commission
Webb Elementry School
St Charles Apartments, Avalon Apartments 150
Randol Mill Rd Oak S Retail, Oakwood Assited Living Ctr. 0.5
Brentwood, Ridgeway Terrace Apartments 80 Texas Rising Star C. C.
Oak Rogers S Key Largo Apartments 137 0.8
Woodford Apts, Oak Square Apartments
s/f, Studio 8 Apartments 20
Sanford W 1.0 Sanford Oaks Apartments ??? 10.0
Sanford Cooper W 0.5 Tarrant Co Human Services Center 0.3
Woodrow W s/f 0.5
Davis Dr W s/f 0.8
McKinney St W s/f 11.1
Fielder S 1.0 s/f, Bus. Park 0.3
Landmark Terrace Apartments ???
Fielder Norwood S s/f 12.1
Mitchell/Raydon S s/f, Swift Elementry School 0.5
Park Row W 1.0 Retail, Carriage Hill Apartments 180 Higher Goals Academy 0.8
Park Row Ravenswood W YMCA
Bowen N 1.0 Pantego City Hall 13.8
Bailey Junior High School
Tom Thumb, Eckerd, Bank 1 Bldg (4story)
The Waterford Apartments 330
Bowen Lynnwood N 1.0 Retail, Woodland Apartments ??? 14.0
Woodland West Apartments ???
Graham North N s/f
Abram/Norwood N 1.0 Kroger, Dottie Lunn Recreation Center Bowen Road D/C 0.5
Division N 1.0 Retail, Bowen Square Apartments 64 0.8
Sanford N s/f 15.3
Black Oak N s/f 0.5
Westwood E 1.0 s/f 0.8
Westwood Randol Mill E s/f 16.3
Oakwood E 1.0 s/f, Post Office 0.4
Park Vista E 1.0 Retail, Wilshire Manor Apartments ??? 0.7
F/S, Parkside Town Homes
Fielder E 1.0 Winn-Dixie, Wimbish Elementry School 17.0
Broadway Plaza Assisted Living Center
Pecan Chase Condos ???
Davis Dr N 1.0 Bus. Park, s/f, Creative Arts School 0.5
Davis Dr Ridgewood N s/f
Road to Six Flags N 1.0 Polo Run Apartments 224 18.0
I-30 Overpass N No Stop 0.2
Lamar Blvd E 1.0 Lamar High School, Walgreens 0.4
Pebblebrook Village Apartments
Lamar Blvd I-30 Entrance E Kroger, Lamar Ave Park n' Ride? Children's Courtyard 0.8
Cooper E Wacovia Bank Bldg (4 story) 19.1
Villa Assisted Living Center
Cooper Ridge Apartments 94
Ryan Plaza E bus. park, Rolling Hills Country Club 0.3
Van Buren E 1.0 Bus. Park, Roquemore Elementry School 0.5
Huntington Chase Apartments 256
Countrywood Apartments 276
Lincoln Dr N 1.0 Texas Health Rescs. Bldg (13 story) 0.8
The Pointe of North Arlington Apartments 84
Waterchase Apartments 200
Lincoln Dr Van Buren N Northridge Apartments 126 20.1
Washington E 1.0 President's Corner Apartments 100 0.3
Woodstock Apartments 464
Arrowood Apartments
Washington Madison S 0.5 Retail, Rep Joe Barton's Ofc, Suburban Lodge 20.7
Apartments listed at top
Total Pickups/Droppoffs: 56.0 Total Apartment Units Serviced= 8871
Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 5th 5th

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