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Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 39.7
Ave E/Tarrant Rd Great S/W Pkwy E I/P 0
113th E I/P 0.1
Duncan Perry Rd E Prairie Estates Apartments 160 0.5
Hillcrest Apartments, Windridge Apts
Windridge Apts, Sugar Creek Apartments
Tarrant Rd/Ave E 19th E Retail, La Quinta Inn, Grand Manor Apts 1
Fox Chase Apartments 260
Quail Ridge Apartments
Carrier Pkwy E Winn-Dixie, The Covington Apartments 297 1.5
7th S Terrace View Apartments 362 Turnpike Christian School D/S 1.9
Mill Valley Apartments
Derby Park Apartments (N side of I-30) 360
7th Hill E s/f, Austin Elementry School 2.6
Begin Alternative Dalworth to Carrier Pkwy Section
109th Dalworth St E I/P
Dalworth St Great S/W Pkwy E I/P
Duncan Perry E Villa Fontaine Apartments
23rd E Prairie Oaks Apartments
21st E Texas Workforce Commission
19th E Kensington Motel
14th E s/f
Carrier Pkwy S Albertson, 4-Plexes
Shady Oaks Apartments 58
End Alternative Dalworth to Carrier Pkwy Section
Begin Alternative Main St & Tarrant Rd Support
Hill 4th E England Public Service Training Bldg.
2nd/Stadium S Grand Prairie High School 3
Prairie Park Apartments 102
2nd/Stadium Church E 1.0 Grand Prairie City Hall, Comm. Ctr 3.1
Church Center E retail, Rosewood Two Apartments 16 0.2
(2) Food & Clother Coops
5th N Salvation Army Thrift Store 0.5
Topline Select Market
1.0 4
5th Small/Hill E YMCA, Willow Bend Apartments ??? Mathew's House D/C 4.2
Greenhill Apartments ???
Small/Hill Belt Line S 1.0 Eckerd, Kerrville/Greyhound Bus 0.3
GP Utility Admin., Heritage Place Apts ???
Belt Line Davis E Retail 0.4
Main St E 0.5
Main St 11th E DeLux Inn, Tourist Court Motel
14th E Graff Chevy, Howard Johnson Express Inn 0.9
Vaught Aircraft
Small E Skyline Apartments 148 5.3
19th E Terry's Supermarket 0.4
Bagdad E Grand Prairie Motel 0.9
28th E s/f, retail
MacArthur E s/f, retail
Hensley E s/f, retail 6.7
MHP E Willow Bend Mobile Home Park 60 7.6
Flea Market E Weekend Flea Market 8
Sunset Driving Range E Sunset Golf Center Driving Range 0.3
Loop 12 S 0.7
Loop 12 Jefferson Blvd S 0.8
Begin Optional Weekday Support for Mountain View College
Keeneland Pkwy E 9.8
Keeneland Pkwy Duncanville Rd S 10.4
Duncanville Rd MVC West Entrance E 10.8
turnaround at MVC West Bldg W Mountain View College 11.1
MVC West Entrance Duncanville Rd N 11.4
Duncanville Rd Keeneland Pkwy W 0.7
Keeneland Pkwy Loop 12 N 12.5
End Optional Weekday Support for Mountain View College
Loop 12 Jefferson Blvd W DART Stop in Front of K-Mart 13.6
Jefferson Blvd Merrifield W retail
Flea Market W Weekends Only 14.4
Idlewild W I/P 15.5
Camden W I/P 0.8
Bagdad W I/P 16.5
Vought Main Entrance W Vought 17
14th S Vought 0.4
Grand Prairie S 0.6
14th Vought West Entrance S Vought 0.7
Turner Pkwy S s/f 0.9
Skyline-East W Grand Praire Preventitive Care Clinic 18.1
Crockett Elementry School
Mountain Creek Apartments 200
Skyline-East Belt Line S Cotton Creek Apartments, 972-262-0005 ??? 0.6
Fox Hollow Apartments 86
Carrier Arms Apartments 123
Belt Line Stratford S s/f Playhouse P/S 19
Loving Care Wee School
Marshall Dr S Carnival Supermarket, Laundromat 0.6
Pioneer Pkwy W GPISD Admin, Urgent Care Clinic 20.3
Pioneer Pkwy Acosta W Retail, Windchase Apartments 186 0.5
Corn Valley Rd S Kroger, Sun Ridge Apartments 332 0.8
Corn Valley Rd Ferndale S s/f
Warrior Tr S South Grand Prairie High School, s/f 21.5
Jackson Middle School
Corn Valley Rd/8th St 8th St S Highlands of Grand Prairie 54 Kiddie Corner D/C 0.9
Carrier Pkwy SE Retail 22.7
Carrier Pkwy Crossland Blvd W Target, Home Depot, CareNow, Kohls 23
Begin Optional Westchester Section (8-11 minutes)
continue south
I-20 S nothing 0.3
Westchase Dr S Albertsons, UA Theaters 0.4
Westchester Pkwy W S Tom Thumb, Eckerd, Walgreens 0.6
Bardin W s/f Children's Courtyard 0.8
Bardin Cedar Ridge N s/f, Library 24.2
Cedar Ridge Westchester Pkwy W W s/f, Merrill Gardens Assisted Living Center Montissori of Westchester 0.5
Grand Courtyards Apartments 390
1st Choice Car Wash
Norstar at Westchester 244
Westchester Pkwy W Robinson N Post Office, Hill Elementry School Crayon Campus P/S 0.9
Robinson I-20 N 25.1
End Optional Westchester Section
Crossland Corn Valley W 0.3
Robinson N s/f 0.5
Robinson Wendy Dr N s/f 0.8
Mayfield E s/f Someplace Special C.D.C. 26.2
Begin Optional Traders Village Support for Weekends
Mayfield Waterwood W s/f
Great S/W Pkwy W
Traders Village East Exit Trader's Village Flea Market
turnaround E
Mayfield Great S/W Pkwy E
End Optional Traders Village Support for Weekends
Mayfield Carrier Pkwy N s/f Mama Rosa's L/C 26.4
Carrier Pkwy Warrior N Retail, Ruth Jackson Center Crayon Campus P/S 0.8
Wymberly Point Apartments 208
Wymberley Crossing Apartments 212
Arkansas N Retail 27.2
Pioneer Pkwy N Sack'n'Save, Williamsburg Apartments 418 0.5
Kirk England State Representative Ofc.
Freetown N Prairie Ridge Apartments 276 A Mother's Touch P/S 0.8
Royal Oak Manor Apartments 100
Willow Tree Apartments 134
Marshall Dr W Retail, s/f Honey Bee C/C 28.3
Marshall Dr Robinson W NO STOP - Construction 0.5
Freeway W Tree Tops 128 0.7
Poly Entrance W Poly America Entrance 0.9
Lance W Lockhead & Poly America 29.1
Lockhead Martin W Lockhead 0.3
Missle W Lockhead
M-Mart W Lockhead 0.7
Park Row Dr/Marshall Great S/W Pkwy W I/P, ABC Bus Co 29.9
Timberlake W Arlington Park Apartments 340 30.4
Timber Ridge Apartments 136
Park Row East Apartments 205
Timberlake Apartments 224
Susan N Brandon Oaks Apartments 200 30.7
Park Lane Apartments 248
Susan Mitchell W s/f, Indian Creek Apartments 448 31
Mitchell H360 W s/f 0.3
Carter W s/f, Venda Knox Elementry School 0.6
Carter Elementry School
Venture High School
Sherry N s/f 0.8
Sherry Cloverdale N s/f 32.2
Abrams St W Retail, Oakwood Crossing Apartments 452 0.5
Abrams St Tom Vandergriff Way W GM Plant Gate 11 Zone 4 Kids D/C 0.7
Tanglewood Apartments 80
New York Ave W retail, s/f Abram Head Start 33
Stadium/Browning W retail, Arlin Motel Humpty-Dumpty P/S 0.2
Willis W Salvation Army Store, Planned Parenthood 0.7
Meadowbrook Park Golf Course
Collins N retail 34
Collins Division N Caravan, Arlington, and Fiesta Inns 0.2
Sanford N Economy Inn, Westwood Apartments 260 0.4
Peach N retail 0.6
Randol Mill N Big K-Mart, Max Supermarket 0.9
Ballpark Inn, Days Inn, Laundromat
various apartments
Road to Six Flags E Lincoln Center, Retail 35.3
Road to Six Flags Wells Fargo Bank Bldg E Well Fargo Bank Bldg (12 story) 0.6
Pennant E Apt, Retail 0.8
Nolan Ryan Expwy SE Retail, Apt 36
Nolan Ryan Expwy Randol Mill E Ballpark-1st Base Exit 0.3
Randol Mill Ballpark Way N The Ballpark at Arl.-Center Field Exit 0.5
Ballpark Way Road to Six Flags E Ballpark-3rd Base Exit 0.6
Road to Six Flags Magic Mile E Bus. Park 0.9
Directors E Six Flags Over Texas 37.1
Six Flags Dr S AmeriSuites, Baymont Inn, Sleep Inn 0.3
Hilton Homewood Suites, Don Davis Ford
Randol Mill E 3 Centerpoint Bldgs 0.6
Randol Mill H360 Holiday Inn Express, Office Depot 38
106th S I/P, Motel 6 0.1
106th Galleria E Tinseltown Theaters 0.3
Galleria 109th N Six Flags Mall 0.6
109th Randol Mill N I/P 0.7
Ave E E I/P 39.2
Ave E Great S/W Pkwy E I/P 39.7
Total Apartment Units Serviced= 7507
Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 39.7
Begin Alternative Support for Grand Prairie Services at Conover Rd & Carrier Pkwy
Carrier Pkwy Jefferson Blvd S Walgreens
Conover W Kroger Head Start
Grand Prairie Police Headquarters
WIC, Post Office
Conover Freeway S Welfare Dept, GP Senior Citizens Center
Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce
Bank Of America Bldg (8 story)
Freeway Desco E Curtiss-Wright Village 120
Desco Carrier Pkwy S Landings of Carrier Pkwy 282
Carrier Pkwy Dickey Rd E s/f
Dickey Rd 5th N s/f, Cottonwood Park Village Apartments 170
Cottonwood Square Apartments 104
5th Clarice Dr E Bowie Elementry School
Clarice Dr 3rd E s/f
Center St N s/f
Center St Grand Prairie Dr E Retail, Carriage House Apartments
Grand Prairie Dr 5th E Taylor Recreation Center
Lee Middle School
Belt Line S/8th E Retail, s/f
End Alternative Support for Grand Prairie Services at Conover Rd & Carrier Pkwy

Bus Service...the ultimate safety net!  Great to have if needed, and smart to use anytime.